Wordle has been bought by the New York Times

Although we are not facing a million-dollar purchase like those recently made by Microsoft and Sony, there is no doubt that wordle, the popular word game that has delighted millions of users around the world since its launch last October, is enjoying tremendous popularity. So much so that the New York Times, known for the high quality of his hobbies, has decided to purchase it.

This has been announced by the New York Times itself, Wordle has been acquired for an undisclosed price of seven low figures, thus considering a price between 1 and 5 million dollars.

In the same way that he did during his last “controversy”, Josh Wardle, creator of this little game, took the opportunity to offer his statements via Twitter. Thus, he explained that, although «It has been amazing how Wordle brings so much joy to so many“, the experience had turned out to be «a bit overwhelming«, since he himself has been the only one in charge of the maintenance and status of the free game during all this time.

Thus, despite the great fear that some media and users have already expressed about the possibility that the New York Times establishes some type of access through paid subscription (in the same way that they currently do with their online newspaper), Wardle has assured that even even after migration, wordle «it will be free for all«.

A model that will be maintained in all local versions of the game, so we should not see any kind of change in the normal operation of Wordle ES. In fact, everything indicates that we will even see our current win streaks and statistics preserved.

What is not clear however is whether we will lose the current interface, not only adding some kind of logo or reference to the American newspaper, but with the possibility of including some type of advertising to somehow monetize the millions of daily visits that this website receives.

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