Yeedi Vac Hybrid, the perfect economical combo

  • The Yeedi vac Hybrid robot vacuum cleaner
  • the charging station
  • A cable for connection to the power outlet
  • the instruction manual
  • A mop cloth for your scrubbing function
  • A side brush to attach to the robot

As you read, there is no loss or unnecessary extra elements.

Start up

All current smart robberies have a smartphone application from which all the configuration of the equipment and its operation is managed, and this Yeedi was not going to be any different. After downloading the corresponding apps in your app store (it is compatible with both iOS and Android), you will have access to the equipment configuration interface on your phone -note, the manufacturer recommends that you have the robot 100% charged before starting to use it the first time.

The application is very simple and the only drawback is that at the beginning it mixes screenshots in English with others in Spanish, which could be a small inconvenience for some users. In any case, it is still quite intuitive and after the typical steps in which you accept the activation or not of various functions and give it access to Wi-Fi, you will have the robot working.

Functions and user experience

Simplicity prevails in this robot, which many users are sure to appreciate, often tired of having so many options that they never use. You will thus find an intuitive app with the organization of information as cards:

  • Start-up controls: automatic start, personalization and management of the generated house map to be able to select specific cleaning zones
  • cleaning records: with the square meters cleaned and the time invested, as a story
  • water flow level: This option appears and disappears from the interface depending on whether the robot is in scrub mode or not. It allows you to control the amount of water used (it has up to 4 levels) and choose if we want it to only scrub or to also vacuum while it works.
  • suction power: with three levels; remember: the higher the level, the more noise
  • cleaning programs: to set automatic routines, the days you want and at the time you want
  • Control of voice reports: both volume and language (yes, there is in Spanish)
  • Cleaning preferences: where you can choose some extra options for how the robot works, such as Continuous Cleaning, Do Not Disturb mode (very useful since it even allows you to deactivate the lights and speaker when activated) and the cleaning sequence.

How does this Yeedi robot vacuum?

Yeedi Vac Hybrid

The performance of this robot convinces when it comes to doing the task that is expected of it: vacuuming and leaving the surface where it passes clean. The three suction levels They allow us to control the power (and noise) so that we can choose which one is best suited to the dirt in our house at all times. It also has carpet detection, making more emphasis (you will hear a more intense aspiration) when it passes over one, something that is always appreciated, since they are an important point of generation of dust and mites in the home.

Possibly one of the things that I liked the most is that it handles rooms quite well: I have tried much higher priced robots that are much more abrupt when encountering obstacles or limits. I have several objects on the floor in my house (vases and other similar decorative elements) so I like that they are not coil.

How does this Yeedi robot scrub?

Yeedi Vac Hybrid

In addition to vacuuming, this Yeedi robot is capable of scrubbing, which is a very interesting option that not everyone always takes advantage of. It is true that he will never be able to replace a mop (neither this robot nor any currently on the market) but it can do a very good maintenance of the floor of the home and a gentle cleaning that allows you to at least not have to fill so many buckets of water a week. And hey, that’s always appreciated.

To activate the scrubbing mode, the only thing we will have to place is the mop cloth accessory (washable) on the base of the robot. The device detects it immediately, thus activating this cleaning mode. Now you just have to make sure that you have established your preferences (I like that there are up to 4 different levels of water to choose from or that you can remove the vacuum during scrubbing -which also reduces noise-) and press “play” to start your work.

Is it worth buying this robot vacuum cleaner?

Yeedi Vac Hybrid

After telling you everything fundamental you need to know about Yeedi’s robot and its performance, you can imagine the answer. And it is that this model surprises for its good work despite its simplicity, achieving the clear objective that everyone has when buying a product like this: clean effectively.

We like least about the robot

  • If we stop his work manually (for example, because he is dragging something that we want to remove from the suction mouth), he has trouble locating himself again and then chooses to start a new cleaning cycle (which can slightly delay the complete execution of his cleaning task)
  • Its application is very simple, which can be both a drawback for some and an advantage for others.

What we like most about the robot vacuum cleaner

  • It is a 2-in-1: in addition to vacuuming, it allows you to mop the floor, which is always a plus
  • It does its job very well with three quite efficient suction modes options
  • She is effective at dodging obstacles and careful not to hit the limits she encounters.
  • It can be combined with the Yeedi self-emptying station (sold separately), thus allowing us to improve its qualities in the future if we wish.
  • Why not say it: its white color is different and minimalist, in addition to better hiding the typical dust that remains on the surface and that is more evident in glossy dark finishes (typical of most robot vacuum cleaners)

Where to buy the Yeedi Vac Hybrid

If you like what you have read and you have decided on this robot, know that you can find it at a very good price on Amazon, as well as enjoying an extra offer. This is the promotional code EDSSRLVR with which you subtract an additional 20 euros. The result? Well, what about the 299.99 euros that originally cost just €209.99.

You have until February 13, yes, to benefit from the discount on this team that meets its value for money so well. Seize it.

Note to the reader: for the publication of this analysis, El Output receives financial compensation, although the author of the article has always had the freedom to give his real opinion about the product without any correction by the brand. The link to Amazon is also part of our agreement with your Associates Program.

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