You can now dress like the protagonists of Stranger Things

As expected from its announcement, the fourth season of the successful Netflix series stranger things has become one of the most watched television sensations so far this year. And it is that this new part of the history of the group of teenagers who live in the city of Hawkins does not stop becoming bigger and more famous, largely due to a new, more adult and darker approach that they are capable of setting a trend in. many aspects…including the fashion.

Fighting Vecna, but fixed

But like any good 80’s product worth its salt, nothing is so cool and cool how to face the monsters of the Upside Down World with styleand it is that in these seven chapters that are available on the platform, if something has become crystal clear to us, it is that our group of players from Dungeons and Dragons he does not face danger in any way. Vecna ​​well deserves us to dress up and go to battle in perfect magazine condition.

Stranger Things clothing line.

Following the success of the series in this fourth season, Netflix has not been satisfied with putting the typical sweatshirts or t-shirts on sale with Stranger Things logos or reproductions of the artwork of fiction On this occasion he has gone to seek the collaboration of a clothing brand that is well known by those who dress informally, sometimes sporty, and with whom he has decided to take the wardrobe from the series and put it in the hands of the fans. As it is.

With the new clothing line that the Americans have just launched, the fans of stranger things they will have it much easier to adopt the appearance of their heroes of the small screen without having to look for similar garments or make homemade arrangements to paste drawings or decorative elements on them: if you want to wear Mike’s shirt when he goes hand in hand with Eleven, then you go and buy it directly; or that completely vintage blue tracksuit jacket with a little yellow band on the sleeve that Max wears.

Prepare to spend a lot

Of course, whoever wants to dress as they do in Netflix fiction you will have to have the wallet ready and the piggy empty with the savings of the last year, since they are not too affordable clothes, with a minimum price in many of them that exceeds 70 euros. Am I the only one that has hurt that?

Stranger Things clothing line.

In addition to this collection of garments taken directly from the series, it is possible to find others such as t-shirts inspired by the characters, patterned trousers stranger thingspins and even a collection of stickers to put on your backpack or any other place you can think of.

In addition, this time we will not have to wait to buy the clothes in the US, since Quicksilver has also brought it to our country and it is possible to buy it through its website although, yes, at the moment they are not available. We can place the order and wait until July 1 for it to arrive at home. It will be from that day, in the middle of summer, when we can tell the Vecna ​​to his face that if he wants to deal with us, he already knows how he should be dressed.

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