you will soon be able to transfer your conversations to iPhone without going through iCloud

Before, to transfer WhatsApp chats from one iPhone to another, you had to save them in iCloud. This will change very soon.

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WhatsApp is arguably the most popular messaging app in the world. While the procedure for exporting a conversation from one Android device to another is relatively simple, it is much more complicated when it comes to transferring your chat history to an iPhone. WABeta Info reveals to us that Meta is preparing to facilitate this procedure on iOS. Indeed, WhatsApp beta for iOS lets testers save and transfer chat history without going through iClouda procedure that was previously mandatory.

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Note that this functionality only concerns the transfer chat history from iphone to iphone. Currently, owners of an Apple smartphone must back up their history and associated media to iCloud, then import them back into their new device. The procedure is not complicated in itself, but it is enough that your iCloud storage is saturated so that it becomes very tedious. Indeed, many iPhone users take advantage of the free version of the service, which limits storage space to 5 GB.

Meta makes it easy to transfer chat history from one iPhone to another

Suffice to say, this limit is quickly reached. The new feature called “Transfer Chats to iPhone” makes the process as easy as can be. Indeed, users only have to:

  • download whatsapp on new iphone
  • register with the same phone number as before
  • use their old iPhone to scan the QR code displayed on their new device

The transfer of the discussions is launched, without any other action to be taken.

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Meta did not specify no timetable for deployment of this feature, but it is clear that the company is doing everything possible to make WhatsApp accessible from as many devices as possible. Less than a month ago, it simplified the authentication procedure for WhatsApp on Android, which made using messaging on different smartphones much easier and faster.

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