Young mom died of Covid-19: she postponed her vaccination because she was busy with her three children

A 27 year old woman and mother of three children passed away from Covid-19. Her father, devastated after his death, related that the young woman had not been vaccinated against the coronavirus because every time I had an appointment, something always came up with their children or I was very busy taking care of them.

Stephen Baird required that his daughter Rashelle was not anti-vaccineWell, in fact I alwaysHe insisted that he would apply the doses as soon as he could take a break from the complicated work of being a mom; “He put it off and postponed it … he wanted to get vaccinated, but he put his children first,” Baird said in an interview with the BBC.

The man, heartbroken after the death of his daughter, related that If she had been vaccinated against Covid-19, surely she would have been able to fight the battleagainst this disease. Rashelle was in a vulnerable group since I was asthmatic, so when he was infected he had complications.

Initially, the young mother of Scott Michael, Layla Mya and Maddison Stephanie She thought it was just a cold, but at some point during the infection, she began to have more symptoms and her health drastically worsened, so she was admitted to the hospital. Dundee Ninewells Hospital, Scotland.

However, she was unable to recover despite being induced into coma on November 3 and he was in intensive care. Rashelle he lost his life last Friday the 19thher dad explained. “I think if he had had the two injections, he would have had a level of protection that would have prevented the disease from reaching that far,” he added to the BBC.

His family cries for him and asks people to get vaccinated

Rashelle postponed her appointment to receive the Covid-19 vaccine many times and now her family mourns her death. Her father said that if she had given the two injections she would probably still be alive, however, “it is just the moment and now we are in this situation,” said her sister Lani Baird.

With this experience, the family of the young mother of three children trust people who haven’t been vaccinated to do so, because the virus is real, so it is important to receive the doses and protect themselves and those around them. “I think we always assume that it will happen to other people, but not to us,” Lani said.


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