Your resume is wrong, do this if you want to find a job sooner

Right now millions of people in our country are looking for a job or changing jobs for various reasons. Sometimes we put obstacles ourselves when it comes to employer companies looking at our profile, for example, by having a resume with obvious errors.

Many times we do not give enough importance to this document made up of a simple sheet that we normally write in word. However, we must consider that it is our key to a possible new job, which is precisely the objective we are looking for. The resume is the first thing that the firm we want to access, whatever the sector, will see from us. With all this, what we really want to tell you is that we should take special care in the design and content of this simple document.

The truth is that we have a multitude of styles and types of resumes that we can create and design to present to these companies. However, it must be taken into consideration that those who receive the digital file or CV on paper, they are more than used to seeing these elements. Basically we must take into account that it will be difficult for us to surprise them or attract attention with extravagances and strange things.

Actually, the best thing we can do in these cases is to take into account a series of fundamental rules when designing this very important document. It is for all this that we will now talk about a series of points that you should take into consideration when create your resume if you are looking for work.

Avoid boring amounts of text

The first thing we must know here is that we must present a complete CV, but without excesses. This means that we must have a page in which we expose everything we want to communicate to the employer, but without long personal stories. We must get to the point exposing what is the objective we are looking for in this company, but without boring the one who is reading it.

Highlight your name and information of interest

There is certain information that we include in this document that should be visible above anything else. Here we refer, of course, to our name, in addition to the email and the phone number in case you want to contact us. This means that we can highlight this key information in bold so that it stands out from the rest of the text.

Highlight your skills and favorable points

In addition to your basic information that we have mentioned before, the studies and skills that we have are something to be taken into consideration by the company that could hire us. This is something that we must specify well in our curriculum, but in a direct way, without stories or adventures. So the person who reads it will be clear about our knowledge, studies and abilities. Basically we should not beat around the bush and make it clear what we know how to do.

Your previous experience is essential

Another of the most important sections that we must make clear is the experience that we have from the past and that could help us to access the current job. We can clearly and simply list the companies we have been through and the positions we held to make it clear that we are prepared for the new job.

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