Zoom partners with ROOM and HP for the back to the office

It’s official, Zoom has confirmed a partnership with the provider of modular solutions for workspaces, ROOM, and with HP, whose main objective is to create a video conferencing space for the offices with the PC of HP Collaboration G6 27 ”All-In-One Touchscreen and with him Integrated Zoom Rooms software.

We must bear in mind that this collaboration was born as part of Zoom’s strategy to support workers at a time when, as we know, they are beginning to return to the office. This return to the job, to the face-to-face model, requires an appropriate technological response that allows satisfying the needs of employees and employers, and that responds, ultimately, to the hybrid workstation needs.

The modular cabin called Room for Zoom, about which you can find more information in the attached link, is emerging as one of the most interesting novelties, as it includes soundproof walls, a height-adjustable desk, built-in optimal lighting, silent fans to ventilate the space and an HP computer which comes installed with a high definition webcam. With Zoom Rooms’ built-in software, workers will have everything they need to quickly connect their accounts to the conferencing hardware of a meeting room.

Ty Buell, Zoom PSO Solutions Architect, commented:

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“Conference calls are simply more pleasant when you do not have to worry about the appearance of your background in front of your interlocutors, nor worry about who is going to enter. When we experienced the design and soundproofing aspects of ROOM products, we were eager to collaborate with the company, and we are delighted that this collaboration has come to fruition. ‘

This collaboration between Zoom, ROOM, and HP has enabled the creation of the first video conferencing space on the market, created specifically for the hybrid workplace. And it is that Zoom is no longer only for teleworking, it is also a solution for hybrid work. In this regard, Brian Chen, co-founder and CEO of ROOM, has said:

“When it comes to the post-pandemic office, the only thing that has universal agreement is that video conferencing is here to stay. With this collaboration, we have created a perfect solution that eliminates the hassle of figuring out the best way to support a great video conferencing experience from the office«.

Create a well thought out and integrated workspace designed for Zoom’s video communications platform it is a success With the reality that we are currently living in, and that will continue for the next few years, there is no doubt about that.

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