5 (+1) things you didn’t know about Doctor Strange

Stephen Strange is a surgeon who, after an accident in which his hands are irreversibly injured, ends up being Supreme Sorcerer in the Marvel universe, the title held by the most powerful wizard in the world.

That is what we know, in addition to the fact that Benedict Cumberbatch has nailed the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and he will be the face with which we always imagine him from now on. Nevertheless, there are many things that are not so well known about him, for example…

1. Doctor Strange was not the first Supreme Sorcerer, nor the last …

In the Marvel Universe of comics, Stephen Strange is one of many people who have held the title of Sorcerer Supreme. He was preceded by Agamotto, the first great magician, in addition to others like Makeen, The old man (Strange’s predecessor) or even the legendary Merlin.

In fact, neither will he be the last Great Wizard, because Marvel has revealed that, in December 2021 (attention, SPOILER PIECE, skip to the next point if you don’t want to eat it), Strange will be replaced in office by another character who will be revealed at the end of the comics event that is happening right now: Death of Doctor Strange.

I don’t think it is necessary to translate what will happen to our favorite doctor, right?

2. Doctor Strange’s girlfriend had an affair with… Benjamin Franklin

Do not eat it by sight, that Benjamin Franklin he was a womanizer in history and, apparently, in the Marvel comics as well.

Clea, protégé and lover of Doctor Strange, cheated on him with the famous founding father from United States. Everything happens during a trip through the time of Strange and Clea, to learn the history of the occult.

The story is disturbing. Clea is left alone with Franklin, he gets her drunk and … and in the next issue someone saw the mistake in every way and reinterpreted the facts. Franklin was actually the evil wizard Stygryro, who had taken the form of Benjamin.

3. The Scarlet Witch has been his apprentice

In the comics, Wanda Maximoff, the Scarlet witch played by Elizabeth Olsen in the MCU, it was Sorcerer Supreme’s apprentice for a time.

This offered him guidance and tutelage to develop his powers and, in fact, there are clues and rumors that both can also be found in future movies of Doctor Strange.

4. There are more movies about him than you think

Although probably not as attractive as the current ones. The first is a 1978 TV movie, which he wanted to sell as a pilot for a series. That in the end it did not reach port attests to what it was like.

It also has an animated film from 2007 and of course there is a crappy movie parody, ahem, for adults.

5. In reality, he has never been an avenger

Doctor Strange and the Avengers

Whether it looks like it or not Doctor Strange is not, nor has he ever been, a member of The Avengers. Yes it is true that, in the comics, he joined The New Avengers in 2008 and also that he fought alongside The original Avengers in their confrontation with the X-Men, but has always gone it alone or formed his own supergroup.

This group is known by The Defenders and has members like Namor or Hulk.

Bonus: He’s a member of the Illuminati

At least of the Illuminati from the Marvel Universe of Comics. This group has in its ranks great minds, such as Tony Stark, Mister Fantástico, Professor Xavier from the X-Men or Black panther, but they are not as sinister as the Illuminati of conspiracy theories.

Rather, it is a council of sages that seeks to improve humanity. Of course, considering how that works out well for Hombre de Hierro

As you can see, Doctor Strange hides many secrets inside that hat that he does not have. And that we have missed a few along the way, because the Supreme Sorcerer is, after all, a man of mystery.

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