5 checks to know if your router is protected

This is something you should check regardless of what router you have. It does not matter if it is a current model or, on the contrary, it is a very old device. In both cases there may be security problems and it is always advisable to increase the protection to be prepared for possible problems.

Check router security

Just as you would do with any other device, such as a mobile phone or a computer, it is good to check security from time to time. It will help you detect errors, intruders and problems that put your personal information and the quality of the connection at risk. There are simple measures that you can apply.

have a good password

The first thing to look at is whether you have a good password on Wi-Fi. This is essential to prevent intruders. You should not leave the one that comes from the factory, nor use things like your name, date of birth or similar that can be found out. The interesting thing is that it is a complex key.

But don’t just focus on the Wi-Fi password, you should also look at the key to access settings of the router. It is equally important and sometimes overlooked. It follows the same requirements as with the wireless network, that is, it has letters (upper and lower case), numbers and other special symbols.

You use current encryption

Are you using a good encryption for Wi-Fi? Beyond the password, the type of encryption is essential to improve security. If you see that you use an encryption that is not adequate, that may mean that your router is in danger and you will have to change it to enhance security and avoid problems.

Today, the most current encryption is WPA-3. However, many devices are not compatible and you would have to use WPA-2. You should avoid outdated ciphers, such as WEP or WPA. If you use them, an attacker could steal your password and gain access to the network without you realizing it.

you have updated it

You should also check whether or not you have updated the router. It is important to correct vulnerabilities that may exist and thus achieve optimal operation. Can you see her firmware version that you have installed and check with the router model to check if it is the latest or not.

Some routers update automatically, but in other cases you will have to do it manually. You may have to enter the settings and look for the firmware update section, but sometimes you will have to go to the manufacturer’s website and download the file there to install it.

Changes in the router to improve the Internet

No unknown devices connected

Another point to keep in mind is that you can review possible unknown gadgets that are connected to the Wi-Fi network. For example, you can see if there is a mobile, computer or any other that you do not recognize. It could be some intruder who has managed to break into the network without you being aware of it.

This will mean that there is some gap. Some security problem has the router and that has caused them to enter. We recommend that, in this case, you change the password of the Wi-Fi, of the configuration and make sure that the firmware of the device is correctly updated.

It works well

something as simple as see if it works fine or not, it can help you detect security problems. You could do a speed test, for example, to see if what you get corresponds to what it should. To be more accurate, we recommend that you do it connected by network cable.

But you can also keep an eye on details such as possible outages in the network, failures to connect devices, continuous disconnections, etc. All this will be very useful for you to determine if the connection is going well or, on the contrary, there is a security problem that is affecting it.

In short, with all this that we have explained, you will be able to carry out checks on the router to see if the security is adequate. You can make some changes, in case you see that there is something wrong. The goal is to make it work correctly and not have problems of any kind.

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