5 HBO Max miniseries to start and end this August

Doing some series marathons is great, but for the winter, which is when we feel like sitting on the couch in the living room, getting the bowl of popcorn and staying home to get rid of the cold outside. But not in summer, the best thing is to go out, walk, enjoy the beach or the mountains and dedicate the time just to that gobble us up a lot of chapters in a row, being the format miniseries, with few episodes and of a duration not too longperfect for this time.

5 series to watch quickly on HBO Max

So much so that we have decided to select you five alternatives that you have not seen the same but they are mandatory viewing, at least once in a lifetime and whose duration is perfect to start and end this month of August. All yours.


With the invoice and quality of the Spielberg factory, ThePacific is a kind of close relative of that other series that is also glorious and that, by chance, you also have available on HBO Max, as it is blood brothers. In this case, fiction tells us the experiences of a platoon of US Army soldiers. during his participation in the Pacific campaign throughout World War II. Sensational.

Mrs. Fletcher

What happens to a middle-aged mother who has raised her son and sees his son go off to college? Well, she begins to dedicate more time to herself and, naturally, begins to recover old desires and dreams. And one of them is the perception of a sexual freedom that he wants to experience. The rest you can imagine, although along the way it will make you let out a few laughs. Entertaining.


Are you playing McDonalds Monopoly? Well then you must see this HBO Max documentary miniseries that tells the story of the first editions of this successful game, that managed to multiply the sales of the fast food brand but that, unfortunately, was manipulated so that the most important prizes never reached the general public. This series narrates the investigation carried out by the FBI and discovers how the criminals managed to evade all the security measures taken by the company itself. Seeing is believing.

The conspiracy against America

if you liked it The man in the castle from Prime Video, this HBO Max series will also captivate you. The conspiracy against America takes us to a time that never existed but speculates on the electoral victory of Charles Lindbergh, an aviator turned hero in the 20s of the last century in the US and that this fiction makes him the first president of the country to embrace fascism. From that moment on, the Jews will begin to be persecuted and an authoritarian regime will be unleashed in what, until then, was the cradle of freedom. What would happen if…?


If after finishing the third season of TheBoys you have overalls from superhero series that don’t fit the mold created by Marvel Studios, then you have to see the adaptation of Alan Moore’s great comic directed by another illustrious serialist, such as Damon Lindelof, one of the fathers of the legendary lost and responsible for the arrogance The Leftovers.

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