5 horrible secrets about Mario that even his biggest fans don’t know

According to its creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, that’s the only trait they gave the hero when they thought about it. In fact, Mario didn’t even have a name, but he did have a cute 24-year-old and a 50-year-old mustache.

This is such a little-known detail that, when they did the casting for that Mario movie that it is best to forget, this was the spitting image of a twenty-something.

Now, if Mario has a degenerative disease that makes him look twice his age, we no longer know that.

2. Nintendo owns the rights to 2 adult Mario movies

It seems that the job of plumber does not give enough in Mario’s universe and he has to dedicate himself to other things, like the world… of adult content.

But Nintendo doesn’t like those things, so it bought, and still owns, the rights to 2 such movies: Super Hornio Brothers and Super Hornio Brothers 2.

Starring Ron Jeremy in the role of Mario, Nintendo is supposed to have bought the rights to prevent distribution, but knowing how it squeezes money out of the franchise, there will likely be two more bullets in the chamber by the time the time comes.

3. Mario has been in jail… and the worst thing is how he escaped

The following is real and we have the proof on video. Nintendo published a kind of virtual magazine with episodes based on the world of their games and, in one of them, it is revealed that Mario and Toad were in jail.

But don’t worry, they managed to escape by digging a tunnel. How? With a spoon that Mario kept in a certain place that they won’t let me writeBut if you’re thinking it was in the ass, it was indeed in the ass.

You can see it in the video above, including the detail of showing the spoon to Toad and that he recriminates him that he sucks (minute 1:55, we know you).

4. Mario was obscenely assaulted by a pirate

What can be worse than the above? Many things. Like Mario, in one of the comics he stars in, is thoroughly fondled by Captain Syrup, who first feels her target well and then proceeds to punch her.

But you better see it for yourself.

5. Mario was asked to stay away from children

Strategy guides for games are common. In them, tricks and strategies are discussed to overcome the challenges. In the of Donkey kong, one of those strategies is that Mario and Kong do not approach or touch the children.

Seriously, in one of the vignettes in the guide, both characters run to play with a handful of children, but they stop them in their tracks, due to a sign that warns that please, “Do not touch the children.”

The premise is that they are a protected species, but the implications are so unsubtle that we don’t even know what to say.

As we can see, Mario hides many unclear things, plus a spoon to escape from jail.

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