5 iPhone Tricks You Didn’t Know You Need

On many occasions we do not pay attention to some novelties that include the iPhone and that can help us when you least expect it. In this post we are going to analyze some of these functions and, although they are not new, they are essential when we need to execute them. These utilities are available for all devices, regardless of whether they are supported by iOS 16 or not.

Features available to all users

The recapitulation of the following functions have been selected for the vast majority of iPhone users, covering users who have from an iPhone 14 to an iPhone 7. Although the main functions of each generation of iOS are usually highlighted, the truth is that there are still many secondary sections of previous versions that are worth noting in case there are users who have purchased their first iPhone and only know the most recent.

Record screen video

From the block screen it is possible to record videos of the screen of the iPhone and iPad. To perform this action, it is as simple as deploy the Control Center (by sliding your finger from the bottom of the screen to the top) and tap on the icon that shows a circle inside another. If the icon does not appear, you can activate it from Settings – Control Center – Customize controls.

Once the recording has started, the status bar will turn red and you just have to tap on it to stop the recording whenever you want. Once the recording is finished, in Photos you can see the recorded video and edit the clips that you deem appropriate in order to be able to share the video with your friends.

record videos

Stop receiving app rating requests

A very interesting function that hardly anyone knows about is the possibility block the evaluation of requests, since these can become very annoying, especially if we have recently purchased an iPhone and are downloading all the applications for the first time. These ratings are a great help for developers and also for us as users to have an easier time discovering new useful software for our devices.

The problem lies when many developers abuse this possibility that Apple offers, so there is an option to get rid of these requests forever. To do this, you have to go to Settings and the arrival of these notifications comes by default in the App Store window. You have to deactivate This function.


Notes: scan documents without installing any App and undo last changes

There are two very useful functions that many users are not aware of and that can help us at any time. First of all, the ability to scan documents and images within the notes App, since it saves us from downloading a third-party application and has very good results. To scan any document, you must open a note, tap on the icon “+” that appears just above the keyboard and select the option “Scan documents”. The camera is then opened and the last step is focus with it on the document you want to scan to automatically save it inside the note.

Secondly, in the notes App itself you can delete the last text modifications that you did not want or that you made a mistake to write. Instead of performing the typical delete function, it is much faster shake the mobile and with it undo the last changes made. This function is like a kind of Command +Z or Control +Z.

scan documentsLeave us in comments if you knew these functions and if you use them in your day to aunt

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