5 keys that you should look at when buying a cheap projector for your home

The multimedia software sector is growing more and more, so we want to make more advanced use of it. Here we refer to the video and audio content to which we have access from multiple devices. But to enjoy all this, on many occasions some slightly more advanced hardware components are necessary, as for example happens with a projector.

It is true that, when it comes to enjoying our favorite movies and series, or to watch DTT, we can use our Smart TV or even the monitor that we have on the PC. But we can also opt for using a projector to take the image to another level. However, we must also take into account that they are devices that we find within a wide range of prices. Everything will depend on the needs we have when purchasing a home projector, and of course our budget.

Hence, below we are going to talk about a series of sections that you should look carefully before buy a device of these characteristics. From there, we will only have to install it at home and enjoy our movies, series and all kinds of videos in the best way.

In addition to the price, look at this when buying a projector

Luminosity: here we find one of the most important elements when choosing one projector or another. We refer to the light power of the lamp that it includes and that will directly affect visibility in the content playback of the projector. In addition, we are talking about a component that wears out with use and is not cheap. The higher the power, the better we can use it in light environments.

Native resolution: along with the aforementioned lamp, we must also take into account the native resolution that its internal panels offer us. There are projectors that even offer us 4K quality natively, although they are usually very expensive. In most cases with a resolution Full HDwe will be served for home use.

Size: another key section is the size or format of the device as such. There are those that have a design to install them and leave them fixed, while we also find portable projectors. Here comes into play the type of use that we are going to make of it and if we think take it on a tripor not.

Connectivity: generally we will use these projectors connected to all kinds of devices that offer us the image as such. Hence, in most cases it is advisable to acquire one that we can connect by cable and also wirelessly. We refer to the possibility of using both HDMI like technology bluetooth to send the signal from a mobile, for example. This is the case that we offer below in which you can save by applying the corresponding coupon.

Additional components included: we must also look at the additional elements included. Many of these projectors come with their own transport bagremote control and some even come with a tripod.

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