5 reasons to choose CorelDraw instead of Photoshop

In fact, there are many of the professionals who have opted for these two alternatives for years when carrying out their projects related to design. Both programs focus on work with two-dimensional elements and with which we can obtain great results. So much so that its developers over time have tried to adapt these two projects even to inexperienced users in these matters.

We cannot deny that the software offered by Adobe, Photoshop, could be considered as the main reference in this type of work. But there are different and important reasons why we should not leave aside the other program that we are referring to, CorelDraw. In fact, below, in these lines, we will talk about some important reasons why you should choose the second proposal and discard Adobe’s.

At this point we will say that the first thing we must be clear about is the type of program or use that we are going to make of it. As with other applications, these two that we are commenting on are aimed at the design sector, but its mode of use can vary ostensibly. Therefore, before entering or acquiring one of these two solutions, we should be well informed about the one that will best solve or cover our needs.

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Why ditch Photoshop and use CorelDraw

The first thing that we must take into account and that could be an important reason why we opt for CorelDraw, is that this program focuses on working with vector graphics. This means that, if at a professional or personal level we need an application for this type of object, CorelDraw is an excellent alternative. Similarly, in the event that we want use geometric elements or draw from scratch new designs, we should also opt for this proposal over Adobe’s, which is directed more towards photo retouching.

Many design professionals over the years have been able to verify first-hand that linear or curved drawing tools they are more effective in CorelDraw than in Photoshop. It is true that this second proposal also offers us this type of functionalities for drawing, but its effective use can be much more complicated. To all this, we can add that the set of applications found in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, allow us to carry out other types of very interesting work.

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It should be noted that we will have the possibility, for example, of design your own web pages with CS3 and HTML5. In turn, within the aforementioned suite we find a complete tool for the management and use of typographic fonts. Although sometimes we leave them aside, we must bear in mind that these fonts are a key element in design. Furthermore, we should also know that CorelDRAW offers a powerful screenshot function. Called Capture, surely the functionality will be of great help to us for these tasks.

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