5 things that will make your television spend more or less light

What makes the television spend more or less light

As with any other device, not all televisions will consume the same electricity. Although the key to everything will be the operating time, there are other factors that will also influence and it is convenient to know them.

screen type

Something essential to know if a television consumes more or less is the type of screen. Logically, the most current ones consume much less than those of a few years ago, but you will find different types and that can make you pay more or less on the electricity bill each month.

You should bear in mind that plasma televisions can consume up to three times more than one of LED type. The ones that consume the least today are LED screens, followed by LCD and OLED.


Another key factor to calculate the consumption of a television is the screen size. It is logical to think that the lower it is, the better to save. Therefore, a very large television will use more light than one that is very small. If you add to this the type of screen, the difference can be quite important.

A 30-inch television could consume practically half that of a 50-inch television. Therefore, as you can see, having a larger screen will greatly influence electricity consumption, since it will need to spend more resources.

brightness setting

A point that you should also take into account is the brightness. The higher the brightness of the television, the higher consumption. It is basically the same as a computer or mobile screen. If you run save mode on these latest devices, you will see the screen go dark and the brightness go down to a minimum.

How to lower the brightness to save? For example, if you are not in front of the television and you only have it in the background to listen to the news, it is a good idea to lower the brightness to a minimum and thus save electricity.

Other connected devices

To a television you can connect other devices. For example, you can connect an external hard drive, a video player, a Wi-Fi receiver… All this will consume electricity. It is the same as if you start connecting other devices to a laptop. The battery will last less.

Therefore, keep this in mind to know if your television consumes more or less electricity. The fewer things you connect, the better in order to save energy. Try turning off things like the video player when you don’t need it.

Leave it on Stand By or turn it off completely

This is very common and you have to keep in mind that it consumes electricity. If you leave the television on stand by, without turning off completely, is what is known as phantom consumption. Even if you don’t consume excessively, the fact of always being like this can be a sum to take into account on your electricity bill.

If you want to save as much as possible, the ideal is to disconnect the television completely. Never leave it on Stand By. You can apply the same to any other similar device that you may have without turning off completely.

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