6 programs to find any file on your hard drive in seconds

The Microsoft operating system, Windows, by default offers us a powerful seeker It has improved over the years. However, this built-in feature still falls short of the expectations of many users. Most prefer to use external third-party programs for these tasks, as we are going to show you.

It is worth mentioning that those applications that we are talking about usually offer us more interesting additional functions than the default Windows search engine. These allow us to locate all kinds of content stored on disk drives from the PC in a matter of seconds. Although Microsoft has worked a lot on its search function, the truth is that its performance in most cases is not as expected.

Hence, a good number of developers offer us their own projects in this sense in order to comply with one of the most important requirements when working with our PC. We refer to the location of any file almost immediately. It is precisely for this reason that we are going to talk about a series of proposals that you can opt for to find files in seconds on your PC.

In addition, these are very effective applications in this type of task that we can use without any problem in the latest versions of the Windows system.

WizFile: when it comes to finding content on hard drives in the fastest way, this is an essential free program. It has been designed to locate files of any type, all through a simple user interface. The secret of its success is found in the powerful indexing system that it offers us by default.

VX Search: here we find one of the most complete proposals in this sector that also offers us a multitude of information about the localized files. It offers us a series of customizable filters to limit as much as possible these tasks that we are talking about.

Everything: this is a free proposal to search for files on your computer with a simple and functional interface. It allows us to move through a directory tree and offers us multiple powerful filters to customize these searches.

SearchMyFiles: This powerful search tool seems too basic at first, but it is one of the most efficient and fastest. Its simple interface presents us with two panels to view the localized content in a more comfortable way.

SearchMyFilesDocFetcher: in the event that you are a lover of open source software, this is your option. It is a powerful search engine that presents us with a simple user interface. Internally it has a powerful search engine that allows us to locate content in just a matter of seconds. This is something that is achieved thanks to his indexing function implemented.

Agent Ransack: in this case we find a very fast search engine capable of working with all kinds of saved information. In addition, it allows us to preview the localized content without having to open one by one. It should be noted that it allows us to complex searches to be even more effective.

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