If you connect to a public Wi-Fi network you will see Firefox ads

There are dozens of alternatives to choose from, but these are perhaps the most widespread and used. In this case we want to focus on the proposal presented by the software developer Mozilla with his Firefox. This is a browser that has been around for many years and despite having its market niche, this is not comparable to Chrome, for example. However, its creators continue to release functions and features to improve the navigation of their customers.

Mozilla promotes its VPN to browse privately

In fact, the company itself has several platforms and applications in addition to the aforementioned Firefox, which it tries to promote. We tell you all this because now Mozilla is working to draw the attention of Firefox users to its own VPN. In this way, the company has prepared an experiment in which Firefox invites certain users to use it.

Specifically, we are talking about those who connect to a Public Wi-Fi they will come across an advertisement for this product. Mozilla invites users to use its Virtual Private Network product while at the same time explaining the benefits that all this brings. This means that in the event that we surf with a laptop while we are connected to Wi-Fi in public places such as airports, coffee shops or hotels, Mozilla will show us a warning. In this it is recommended to use the VPN signature to encrypt our data from prying eyes.

It is true that there are many products in the form of VPNs available at the moment. But Mozilla urges us to use theirs, already available in some regions. And it is that we must take into consideration that this is a company that with Firefox puts privacy first. In this way, it wants to uncheck itself from other similar proposals such as Google’s Chrome for the last 20 years, and it asks you to also trust its VPN.

Main features of the Firefox VPN

What Mozilla proposes to its users thanks to this VPN, is a greater security, reliability and speed anywhere. Also, with each subscription the signature allows to connect up to five devices, and Mozilla affirms that there are more than 40 servers in 30 countries. On the other hand, we will say that the VPN comes with device-level encryption, so it does not record our activity on the network or impose bandwidth restrictions.

It is also important to know what protects our Private information using the Wireguard protocol to encrypt network traffic. And it is that Mozilla has begun to test other products that provide income, like this one we are talking about. Mozilla VPN is one of them. Before launching its own VPN, Mozilla partnered with Proton VPN for a while, but eventually he opted for his own product and is now promoting it.

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