72% of workers in the technology sector in the US value leaving their job in one year

Tech workers in the United States seem to have said enough when it comes to their working conditions. So much so that nothing less than 72% are considering leaving their current position within the next 12 months. It is data that reflects a TalentLMS and Workable survey, carried out among 1,200 workers in the sector.

41% of the professionals surveyed say that their limited career progression options have made them consider leaving their job. But this is not the only reason. Other reasons given for this are not having flexible working hours (40%), having a toxic work environment (39%) and feeling unappreciated and valued (37%). As for the lack of options to work remotely, they are a reason for 30% of those who have participated in the survey.

In addition, 85% of those surveyed said they felt their companies were more focused on attracting new employees than on investing in their existing workforce. They assured that having more training and practices would make them feel more motivated, something that they would also achieve if they had more flexibility in where and when they worked.

Another 58% of those who answered the survey said they felt burned, although only 30% of those who were thinking of leaving their job pointed to this feeling as one of the main reasons why they were thinking of changing of scene.

This situation of technology workers thinking of leaving their job practically en masse is encompassed in a situation in the country that means that companies in many sectors are experiencing a notable shortage of workers, driven by the pandemic and because people are rethinking what they want of a job. This has created a situation already known as “The Great Resignation”, which has its origin in the large number of people who have resigned from their position. Some to retrain and others to change sectors or become freelancers.

Outside the tech sector, in the American job market in general, 73% of workers are considering leaving their position. Of them, 25% say that they would be satisfied with leaving it even if they do not have a new one in sight or in perspective. This in a panorama in which the shortage of workers is affecting all types of sectors, not only the technological one. To those who more, to the restoration, to the driving of trucks, to health and education. To reduce their personnel problems, some companies have raised salaries and are even going to start offering bonuses, but the situation is complicated and there is no expectation that it will improve in the short term.

Meanwhile, in the technology sector, some companies, such as Intel, they are giving I work for professionals who are still finishing their training superior, to alleviate the situation of lack of personnel, which is aggravated by the crisis of the shortage of chips, another problem that will give more than a headache to technology companies and other sectors, at least until 2023.

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