Activate the new task manager on Windows 11, discover the Redmi Note 11 series from Xiaomi, this is the recap of the week.

Microsoft modifies the task manager on Windows 11, Disney+ rectifies the chronology of Marvel films, Xiaomi lifts the veil on its Redmi Note 11 range, this is the recap ‘of the week.

This week we discovered the new Redmi Note 11 series, presented by Xiaomi during a conference. We also told you how to activate the new Windows 11 Task Manager and revealed the error Disney+ made on the Marvel movies timeline. Anecdotally, we learned that a minor had the chance to win 200,000 euros thanks to USB keys and that a seller of IPTV boxes in Sweden was ordered to pay 145,000 in damages after selling more than 100 illegal subscriptions. We are delighted to have you back in this new recap of the week.

The verdict falls for this seller of IPTV subscriptions in Sweden

In 2018, the Swedish police discovered that a fifty-something man had been illegally selling IPTV subscriptions since 2009. The Swedish media Aftonbladet had just shared the verdict of the court, which found the man guilty of copyright infringement. The latter, having nevertheless claimed to be innocent, will have to pay 145,000 euros in damages to the four television companies concerned by the illegal trade of the fifty-year-old.

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Windows 11: activate the new task manager now

The Bleeping Computer site has spotted the new Windows 11 task manager, whose only change concerns the design. For the moment the task manager is only available for developers, but you can activate it now if you don’t want to wait for the next Windows update. All you have to do is register for the Windows Insider program if you haven’t already, and follow the instructions that we share with you in our news.

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USB keys to mine Bitcoin

A miner recently equipped himself with nine Compac F USB keys from Gekkoscience in order to mine cryptocurrency. The man managed to carry out a great operation by winning 6.25 bitcoins, the equivalent of around 200,000 euros. It remains to be seen how much the miner actually earns if we deduct the electricity costs and the cost of the equipment.

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The Marvel Movies Timeline Was Wrong on Disney+

The Disney + catalog contains almost all of the Marvel films and the streaming service displays the chronology of productions to help subscribers find their way around. However, an error had slipped into the classification since Black Panther arrived before Black Widow, while the adventures of the Black Widow take place before those of Black Panther. Disney+ has therefore corrected its error, even if in reality it does not change much for the spectators…

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Xiaomi lifts the veil on its Redmi Note 11

Xiaomi took advantage of a conference to present the four smartphones of its new Redmi Note 11 series. We discover the Redmi Note 11, the Redmi Note 11S, the Redmi Note 11 Pro and finally the Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G. Visit our news to find out the characteristics of these four mid-range models, available from February 16 on AliExpress.

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Credit: Xiaomi

Our tests of the week

LG gram: we love its weight/power ratio

Even if we regret the average quality of the webcam as well as the audio which struggles a little, the LG gram has generally won us over. LG offers here a laptop whose CPU performance is impressive for such a compact notebook. We appreciate its well-calibrated 16-inch diagonal screen, its large touchpad and its pretty design. The LG gram weighs only 1.19 kilos but remains very efficient and has excellent autonomy.

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We were won over by the GeForce RTX 3050

With the GeForce RTX 3050, Nvidia keeps its promises and offers Full HD performance for a really reasonable price. This entry-level graphics card is equipped with an Ampere GA106 chipset, hardware decoding of the AV1 stream and supports ray-tracing and DLSS. Its consumption is reasonable and we appreciate its efficient cooling system and its low noise pollution. Only downside, titles using ray-tracing are almost playable, provided you use DLSS.

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The Huawei P50 Pro is the best camera phone of the moment

The P50 Pro finally arrives in France and our test convinced us: Huawei offers a perfect smartphone for photo lovers. We were seduced by its design, the performance of the Snapdragon 888 and we were delighted to finally be able to enjoy stereo on a smartphone from the brand’s P range. The Huawei P50 Pro is unfortunately still deprived of Google and 5G services, and its price is still a little high in our opinion since it is available at a price of 1199 euros.

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The Galaxy Tab A8 rather disappointed us…

Even if the Galaxy Tav A8 has the advantage of being available from only 249 euros, Samsung offers here a tablet that lacks power and is limited to really basic use. We appreciate its design and its correct autonomy, but the positive points stop there, especially since the competition offers much better for barely more. Go to our dedicated file to discover the complete test of Samsung’s new entry-level tablet.

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