Advantages and disadvantages of editing video in Final Cut Pro X on iPad

The arrival of Final Cut Pro to iPad has been one of the great novelties of Apple in this 2023, being one of the great tools that all users who are dedicated to video editing were looking forward to and that allows you to work in a much more comfortable and professional with your Mac and iPad. Therefore, in this post, we are going to analyze what are the advantages and disadvantages of one of the novelties of the year.


  • Navigation: Apple has transferred the navigation that we had on the Mac to the iPad, where we have to highlight the importance of Apple’s tracpack for the navigation of this application on the iPad. To all this, we have to add the Apple Pencil, it works really well, but users who are used to Mac will continue to prefer the previous option due to the speed of the application of commands.
  • Bookstores: the libraries are incredibly well organized, applying the principles of usability and responsive designs, seeking to make the visual appearance of the Mac and iPad similar, making the transition from a workspace a very easy learning curve.

final cut ipad pro

  • LiveDrawing: This option does add great value to Final Cut Pro on the iPad, since, with the Apple Pencil, we can add notes by hand much more easily. Before, on Mac, we could take a long time for an action that would have a duration of five seconds and even before they used other apps to carry out this process.
  • Remove Background: This novelty allows us to remove the background in our editing app much faster, which helps us not to always have the green chroma background. This option to remove wallpaper works really well when we have a plain background.


  • Price: It seems incredible, but Apple has made a very ugly move with its users, since Final Cut Pro is priced at 4.99 euros per month, regardless of whether you have purchased the version for macOS or not. This creates a big problem, because if you want to use the same product in both software, you have to pay a subscription for a product that you have already purchased. Imagine if you had bought it a week ago and now it launches the iPad version?
  • Transfer libraries: We have previously commented on how intuitive it is to use the Final Cut Pro library, but if we are talking about two applications that must be perfectly synchronized, it would be more than necessary that we can transfer the libraries from one software point to another.

final cut pro ipad

  • Plugins: if you have animations or extensions downloaded in Final Cut Pro on your Mac and you want to apply them, on iPad, at the moment, it will not be possible. However, Apple has said that it is working on it and we may see it in the not too distant future. The truth is that it does not make sense that something as necessary as plugins is not available in its output version.

By way of conclusion, the arrival of Final Cut Pro on iPad allows you to work on video editing anywhere because it enhances the two main benefits of the iPad: transport and power. However, I believe that Apple, despite having made an incredible leap forward, has a ways to go to make the iPad an alternative to the Mac in video editing. For the moment, the iPad will remain what it is until now, a perfect complement for the Mac but with a price of 4.99 euros per month.

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