Agatha Harkness: a spin-off series of WandaVision is in the works

The question “What happened to Agatha Harkness?” after the end of WandaVision could get an answer with what appears to be a new spin-off TV series from the show starring Elizabeth Olsen.

According to reports from Variety which cites its exclusive sources, Kathryn Hahn she will reprise the role of the powerful witch in what is described as a dark comedy.

What do we know about Agatha, the WandaVision spin-off?

At the moment, of course, the details of the plot and production of this spin-off of WandaVision are shrouded in mystery. However, it seems that Jac Schaeffer, WandaVision’s lead screenwriter, would have been chosen as the lead screenwriter and executive producer of this new Disney + project. In this case it would be the first project created by Marvel with Schaeffer since the latter signed the new general agreement with 20th Television last May.

Despite the rumor character of this news, it should be noted that Kathryn Hahn, with a tweet, immediately commented on Variety’s news with that “HAHN NATION WAKE UP!” that’s all a program!

A few months ago, when interviewed about her possible return to the MCU, Hann herself replied:

Of course I would be willing to return. But I haven’t heard anything about it. I know Jac and everyone was very clear that this was going to be a limited series. And the season finale was definitive. I think it was a brilliant conclusion and I was so pleased with everything.

However, if I ever return, there are so many aspects of her that I think are fascinating. She is involved in so many different worlds throughout the comics.

You know, she is a centennial witch and has lived and seen a lot, There are many different people and beings that she has crossed paths with over the past two centuries, so it would be a blast to explore.

As we had already pointed out in the article that contained this declaration, WandaVision with Agatha gave us a character who, if well exploited (both in spin-off TV series and in the cinema), could put his “hand” everywhere, to the joy of all of us fans who continue to be entranced by the growing and satisfying narrative complexity of the MCU.

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