Alexa accessories, free bulbs and more!

The Alexa ecosystem is packed with smart speakers designed precisely to adapt to all types of situations and users. One of the most interesting models is the fourth generation echo, the one we affectionately know as “the big Echo”. This speaker is designed so that you can listen to music with a higher fidelity, and it is also the model that you should have at home as the main one for its home automation capabilities. If you have ever been interested, today it is on sale along with a Philips Hue bulb or a Meross socket. Also, you can get accessories for this Echo or any other model if you use the discount code that we are going to provide you with below.

Get the Echo 4 and an accessory at an irresistible price

The echo 4 It’s a speaker that Amazon sells. above Echo Dot series. They are larger devices, with high-quality speakers. This model has a 76-millimeter woofer and two 20-millimeter tweeters, which means you’ll have a audio quality far superior to what you get with any Echo Dot.

In addition, the Echo 4 has a Zigbee switchboardwhich is mainly used so that we can connect all kinds of home automation devices without the need for additional bridges.

The Echo 4 with accessory has a recommended price of about 99.99 euros. These days, Amazon is doing special offers on its own devices, and you can take it along with a free Philips Hue smart bulb for €64.99.

If instead of the light bulb, you prefer a meross smart plugthe offer also applies, and the set will cost you about €69.99. In all cases, you can choose the color of the Echo 4 that best suits your tastes. You have it in white, grayish blue and anthracite. (

You also have a 25% discount on accessories

As if that weren’t enough, Amazon Echo accessories are also on sale right now. We are going to list a couple of interesting accessories, but you have a whole list of products compatible with this offer. You just have to apply the code ACCESSORIES25 during the purchase process and you will be applied a 25% discount.

Mission Battery Mount for Echo 4

mission echo 4.jpg

This famous accessory for the Echo 4 allows you to use the device in a wireless. Something especially useful to move it from one room to another and always be able to enjoy the best sound quality. It usually costs about 39.99 euros, but with the code it stays in about €29.99.

Wall mount for Echo 4

wall bracket echo 4.jpg

If instead of moving it, you prefer to put it in a fixed place, this wall bracket is also today at a very interesting discount. Usually it is worth about 24.99 euros, but applying the code we are left in €18.75.

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