Alienware lists an AMD Ryzen 9000, is it by mistake or is it coming?

A rather curious surprise arrives from China and it has to do with processors that are very ahead of their time. Specifically, in China a reference to a clone computer has been found Alienware R15 based on a AMD Ryzen 9000 processor. This computer would come from the future, since it is expected that this processor will not hit the market until 2025, hence it is quite curious.

We must remember that the AMD Ryzen 7000 processors were launched in 2022 and there are no new processors planned for this year. Although, the company is expected to launch new solutions for laptops that combine power and efficiency cores.

The Ryzen 8000 processors are scheduled to be launched in 2024, which will be the first desktop processors to be heterogeneous. It would “imitate” the current design of Intel Core processors which, in turn, “copy” ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture for RISC-type processors.

Dell sells imported computers of the future

A user has shared his curious story on the Chiphell forums, with a photograph included. This user supposedly bought a computer Alienware R15 Gaming manufactured by Dell. Apparently, a marketing letter is included in the box that reads: “Alienware desktop computer with AMD Ryzen 9000 Series processor”

Said user says that this letter is sent to loyal customers of the brand. We are not aware that this is a common practice for the brand. What doesn’t make sense is that they talk about the Ryzen 9000 processorsso it could be a typo.

alienware amd ryzen 9000 card

Most likely, this is false and is simply a setup by some user wanting to have a laugh. Among the reasons, this is that for 2024 are planned Ryzen 8000 and the Ryzen 9000 they would not reach 2025.

We must highlight that the image that appears on the card belongs to an Alienware Aurora R15 based on AMD Ryzen 7000 Series processors. Specifically, three systems with Ryzen 7 processors and one system with a Ryzen 9 processor appear on the website. We have looked at them and none of them are a Ryzen 9000, as indicated on the card we see above.

Remember that a few hours ago there was talk of an AMD Ryzen processor with AM5 socket codenamed Phoenix, which will belong to the AMD Ryzen 8000 family. These processors will not arrive until 2024, although there is no presentation date, it would normally be that they will be announced at the CES in Las Vegas which takes place in the second week of January.

alienware aurora r15 amd

Everything points to a pretty shabby hoax

Because there is no reference to a computer with an AMD Ryzen processor on the Alienware website, it seems like a setup. Someone took a couple of logos and a photo, put it in Photoshop and added some text.

Another option is that someone at Alienware is a horny guy and wanted to play a prank on a customer, which is unlikely. There are also no references that the company adds cards of this type in its products or for “loyal users” as pointed out by the user who uploaded the photo.

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