PC gaming gets more expensive, Razer laptops go up in price

Razer laptops will go up in price, this is the last we have been able to know from the head of the company, so a company already famous for the high cost of its hardware is going to raise it even more. Is it a maneuver of pure greed or is it due to the current situation in the hardware market?

The semiconductor shortage problem is raging. From the world of PC electronics to the automotive world through hardware and we all know what happens when a good becomes scarce, those who demand it are willing to pay more money in order to have the product.

Razer laptops will go up in price

Such a statement has been made by Min-Liang Tan, CEO and therefore top man of Razer, on his verified Twitter account.

I just had a long talk to discuss our range of laptops for next year, it seems that there are significant increases in terms of component costs and we will see an increase in the prices of gaming laptops, including the Razer Blades, for next year.

Given the current situation of shortage of components this should not surprise us, since we have to take into account that a laptop is not only composed of CPU, GPU, RAM, SSD and all the parts that we usually deal with on a daily basis, but also different components of both digital and analog electronics that are crucial to the system and that are being affected by the shortage.

Razer Blade 15 Base model

There is a very basic rule in economics, if a product is scarce and not a basic necessity, then it ends up that its price rises due to these two factors. So it should not surprise us that gaming laptops go up in price, in addition, a good part of these components are used in other markets that tend to have preference in terms of supply.

It must be taken into account that it will not be the only affected brand, since they all use the same components, so we can generalize for the rest of the brands and conclude that we will have a general increase in prices.

A before and after in hardware

PCB Laptop Tablet Design

Many companies are going to use a specific solution when creating their new systems and it is none other than integrating part of the functionality that few pieces had until now into just one. This is a double-edged sword for consumers, but an advantage for manufacturers. The reason for this is simple: simplifying the components in the hardware ends up reducing the problem of shortages of some of them, however, at the same time it reduces the ability to be repaired by a third party.

Doing the industrial design of a computer at these levels goes beyond placing the basic components, it involves designing the PCB, the analog circuitry and even new chips that a priori did not exist. Something that very few companies can do and that will very possibly reduce many ranges of laptops.

In any case, with this announcement the CEO of Razer ensures that people buy Razer laptops before their announced price increase occurs. So in turn we are a tactic on the part of Min-Liang Tan to increase the sales of the Razer Blade for these Christmas dates.

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