If you use this Windows, in 6 months you will have serious problems

As we will already know, the versions of Windows are not infinite. Since the launch of the operating system, we already know approximately how long the system will be receiving updates and support, and when it will enter “extended support” to face its last days. Currently, the two systems that are in operation are Windows 10 and Windows 11. But there is another version, still used by thousands of users, that will soon go down in history: Windows 8.1.

Windows 8 did not start off on the right foot. Users, after spending years with a fast and robust system like Windows 7, found themselves with a strange, unstable and full of problems system that radically changed the concept of the operating system and windows. Shortly after its release, Microsoft tried to correct many of the problems with this system by releasing the update Windows 8.1. And while the best he could do was break with it altogether and release Windows 10, at least 8.1 was a working system, still installed on many computers to this day.

As has happened on other occasions, the date of the death of Windows 8.1 is approaching. And it is that, from January 10, 2023, this operating system will no longer receive any type of support. Microsoft indicates to users that, in addition, this system will not have an extended update program «Extended Security Update», so, once the date arrives, we will only have one option left: update to a new version of Windows . ( And if your PC can’t upgrade, Microsoft’s answer is simple: buy a new PC that’s Windows 11 ready.

Windows 8.1 Desktop

What will happen when Windows 8.1 goes out of support?

Microsoft reminds that, even if this system is abandoned and without support, users who have it installed on their PC will be able to continue using it without any problem. The problem is that, as of that date, the system already you will not receive any kind of update anymoreNeither security nor maintenance or anything. You will also not receive technical support from Microsoft if you have any problems working with it.

At this point, Microsoft offers three options to users: upgrade to Windows 10 on the computer (which will be supported only until 2025), install Windows 11 and be able to continue using the system without worrying about support, or buy a new PC now. specially prepared and optimized to work with Windows 11.

Microsoft indicates to users that it does not currently offer any promotion that allows you to upgrade to Windows 10 or Windows 11 for free. However, as we have seen on other occasions, if our PC has an original Windows 8.1 key, we will be able to update without having to go through the box. Of course, we will have to do it manually. We must download this tool from the Microsoft website and follow the steps to update our PC to Windows 10. Once the computer is updated, the key will be linked to the Microsoft Account, and we can use it, if we want, to make the leap to the new Windows 11, again, without having to pay for it.

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