Alliance between Oracle and Microsoft for the launch of Oracle Database@Azure

From now on, customers of Microsoft and of Oracle They will have direct access to all Oracle database services that are hosted in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and in turn deployed in Microsoft Azure data centers. Is about Oracle Database@Azurea unique and efficient solution for companies and individuals.

It will be the only hyperscaler offering OCI services to simplify cloud migration processes, multi-cloud deployment and management. Customers will get the better performance, scalability and availability conditions from OCIas well as the maximum security, flexibility and effectiveness of Microsoft Azure. In this aspect, they would also include the AI services top-tier like Azure OpenAI.

With Oracle Database@Azure it is possible to modernize IT environments and take advantage of all Azure infrastructure and resources, as well as a fully optimized environment that will simplify the purchasing and cloud management processes between Azure services and Oracle Database.

Satya Nadella, president and CEO of Microsoft, values ​​the agreement as a real opportunity to help companies with their cloud migrations in all areas of the business, making Azure the only cloud service provider that will execute Oracle database services . For its part, Larry Ellisonpresident and CTO of Oracle, considers this connection as perfect, since it means placing Oracle Exadata hardware in Azure data centers.

Main advantages for customers

With the incorporation of Oracle Database@Azure, more options for moving Oracle databases to the cloud and a higher level of performance, scalability and availability of the Oracle database. All this together with a great parity of functions and prices.

Likewise, aspects such as simplicity, security and latency of a single operating environment in Azure will be understood as a clear incentive for customers. There will also be the ability to create new cloud native applications with the help of Azure and OCI technologies, such as Azure’s world-class AI services. Therefore, customers are offered the possibility of have a compatible and tested architecture100% verified in the multicloud environment.

A catalog of multicloud solutions for customers

Thanks to the new Oracle Database@Azure, companies will be able to drive advances in the cloud using all the resources they have, making the most of Oracle and Microsoft competencies from Azure. Added to this is a joint technical support that allows you to solve problems instantly.

Thus, problems such as disjointed management or complex purchasing and contracting processes can be overcome. All Oracle Database services will be managed in a single data centerincluding support for Oracle Exadata Database services, Oracle Autonomous Database services, and Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC).

With Oracle Database@Azure it is possible to scale without any complexity with the help of 60+ Azure regions connected over a private global network and optimize performance with virtual machines up to 416 Vcpu. All of this will provide full continuity to the business with guarantees of high availability in the IaaS and PaaS services.

Where and how can they access these services?

Customers can now purchase Oracle Database@Azure at Azure Marketplace and take advantage of all your current Oracle Database licensing benefits, such as Oracle Bring Your Own License (BYOL) and the program Oracle Support Rewards.

Oracle will operate and manage OCI services in Microsoft’s own data centers around the worldalthough it will start with specific regions of Europe and North America.

The first reactions of your potential clients

Companies of the stature of Fidelity Investments either PepsiCo They see this agreement as key in the era of digital transformation to enable faster and more secure financial transactions for their customers, meeting regulatory requirements and meeting productivity and profitability. Likewise, it reinforces its strategic advantage in global terms.

Other clients like Vodafone They see this alliance as a way to strengthen their strategy and grow in areas such as Africa and Europe with innovative and profitable digital services. For its part, Voya Financial ensures that it is an effective method to accelerate the development of new products, solutions and services that will optimize the customer experience and improve financial results.

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