Alliances with fintechs are boosted by new mobile payments

The profound transformation of the mobility sector has caused notable changes in consumption in society. VTC or carsharingamong others, are influencing the means of transport used, and the rise of micromobility, but also the methods of payment for these services.

And it is that according to a recent study by Minstait, 42% of Spaniards already use a mobile phone to pay and, within five years, it is expected that mobile payment will be preferred by consumers in their daily purchases. Given this context, mobility companies are beginning to incorporate new forms of payment into their services to adapt to the habits and preferences of their users.

A clear example is the recent alliance between the Spanish fintech Divilo and Bolt, the first European mobility super app. With this collaboration, they already allow small fleets and freelancers in the VTC sector and Bolt VIP member taxis, to have a digital solution through which they can make digital payments using the mobile as a point of sale, without the need for a dataphone and all associated costs.

This nationwide collaboration is possible thanks to an app created by Divilo. Simply install the application on mobile terminals to access NFC technology to process charges. Thus, the small fleets and self-employed members of Bolt Vip will be able to charge the service from their mobile phone. In this way, the user will be able to pay for their trip by bringing their card, their own mobile or smart watch to the device, without the need to use a traditional data phone.

Transition to digital payments

This project not only reduces the use of cash and facilitates the continuity of the transition to digital payments, but this digital solution allows the digital collections in an agile, easy and safe waysimply by installing the app on the mobile terminal, while improving the payment experience for Bolt customers.

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According to Juan Guruceta, founder and CEO of Divilo: “It is a source of pride that an international company like Bolt has trusted us to improve the payment experience among its users, while facilitating the collection process among drivers. This collaboration shows that through our digital solution we can continue advancing in the transport sector and fulfill our purpose of improving economic management among small fleets and the self-employed”.

For his part, Daniel Georges, director of VTC and Bolt Taxis, affirms that “From Bolt we are very pleased to have completed this alliance with Divilo. Thanks to its app, the small fleets and self-employed VTC and taxis that are part of our Bolt VIP program will benefit from new facilities for charging for their services. This collaboration represents a further step towards our goal of building a sector that is increasingly sustainable and innovative. As a company, we want to contribute to the growth of those self-employed and small fleets that trust us to carry out their activity and, therefore, we work to reach new agreements that allow us to offer them the best conditions so that they can reinforce the quality of service to the user”.

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