Amazon allows you to save money if you buy the same product often: this is how it works

The e-commerce giant amazon, offers us all kinds of products if we know how to search well. In the same way, we can take advantage of a series of included functions that will allow us to save a few euros, just as it happens with recurring purchases.

It is possible that many of you do not know this system when purchasing certain products in this Online store. As a general rule, when buying on Amazon, what we do is carry out a search with what interests us. And if we find an attractive price, we finish the process, paying. But it is also true that there are a series of specific products that we usually purchase on a regular basis.

This is precisely where Amazon tries to make things much easier for us while we can save a few euros. Specifically, we are referring to recurring purchases that we can activate and manage from the internet store itself. Obviously not all types of objects available here are suitable for this type of purchase. Normally, recurring purchases are limited to those products that we consume on a regular basis, whether they are related, for example, to feedinghousehold cleaning, or personal hygiene.

This means that in the event that we are sure that later we are going to need to acquire that same product, we may be interested in subscribing to it. In fact, there are several benefits and advantages that we are going to obtain for these subscriptions or recurring purchases that we are talking about. That is why we will talk about how to subscribe to one of the products that Amazon offers us and set up recurring deliveries.

Set up recurring deliveries on Amazon and save

In addition, to all this, we must add the fact that when we subscribe to a certain product that we will receive periodically, the price of this will be lower What if we buy it once? At the same time, it is interesting to know that this is a subscription that we can cancel at any time, so we can take advantage of it if it is available. When paying, on the right side of the Amazon website window we find, if it is possible to do so, with the possibility of subscribing to the recurring purchase that we mentioned.

This means that we will only have to mark the Recurring Purchase option and establish the frequency in which we wish to receive the product. This way we can benefit from the discount that this mode of purchase provides us and automatically receive the corresponding product at home. At the same time, it is important to know that we also have the possibility of modifying that period of time between delivery and delivery in the future.

For this we only have to place ourselves in My product subscriptions from the main menu of the Amazon website. Here we will see all the products to which we are subscribed at that moment and in addition to each of them we find a menu to change the time between deliveries.

amazon deliveries

How can you imagine this is a way of buying that allows us to save a few euros and also facilitates the arrival of those products that we usually consume.

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