An RTX 3080 Ti very close to its official price, in stock and on sale!

Crazy prices, so you could perfectly define the current state of graphics cards. We already warned that the stock was accumulating in the stores, that the most requested models were recovering lost ground in terms of units and logically the smartest of the class have thrown themselves at the neck of the less savvy. EVGA launches an irrefutable offer: its XC3 ULTRA 12GB ยกwith a good discount!

EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti XC3 ULTRA 12GB, does anyone give more?

Difficult right now to find a similar price, we will not say impossible because currently prices are flying and perhaps when you are seeing this offer it is already late. But that’s the way it is and you have to adapt, be patient and above all fast. But for fast this GPU, which comes with a heart attack performance, a heatsink beyond any doubt and a very complete PCB.

And it is one of the RTX 3080 Ti most demanded for it, since it has 10240 Shaders that will run at a speed of 1725 MHz in its Boost mode, achieving no less than 552 GT / s in Texture Fill Rate.

Within its specifications this is the most important change, but we cannot forget the rest, since it includes 320 TMU, 112 ROP and 320 Tensor Core as well as 80 RT cores, all in 80 SM. Not impressed? Well maybe the 12 GB of GDDR6X at an actual speed of 1188 MHz (19 Gbps effective) yes they do, since they are attached to a bus of 384 bits giving a bandwidth of 912.4 GB / sFigures that in this type of memory we would not believe just two years ago.

One of the best heatsinks for this series


As you well know, the PCB is fully customized by the brand, as well as its iCX3 heatsink with three large fans. This dissipation system is proving very effective against the temperature that this GPU is capable of generating, to the point that it is considered one of the best on the market. Its three fans remain stopped until the GPU reaches a temperature of 55 degree, which will be appreciated by anyone who is very delicate with sound.

In addition, the fans rotate in asynchronous mode to improve the passage of air in their dense heatsink and thus maintain the best temperature at all times. On the other hand, and how could it be otherwise, it includes a system A-RGB LED that we can control from the company’s Precision X1 software.

RTX 3080 ti XC3 Ultra

And now the important thing, the price: 1499.89 euros, which supposes a fall of the eleven% from 1699.9 euros without the promotion. Nothing else to add except that you run for it, it runs out!

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