Amazon busts the price of this 18TB Toshiba hard drive for your NAS or server

If you want to buy a high quality and high capacity hard drive, then the Toshiba Enterprise 18TB is what you are looking for. Business hard drives are specifically designed to be always on, so they are perfect for NAS servers, whether home NAS or even business NAS where we will need high read and write speeds, as well as great reliability. If you want to know what price this high-capacity hard drive is, below you have all the details.

Having a large capacity hard drive on our NAS server is essential, especially if we use RAID or use a RAIDZ if we have the ZFS file system. The reason is that, if we buy three hard drives of 18TB capacity and configure them in RAID 5, we will only have 36TB of effective capacity, since the capacity of one of the hard drives is used for parity. For this reason it is so important to have large capacity disks, to be able to have a lot of storage while having different types of RAID.

18TB hard drive on sale

This Toshiba Enterprise hard drive has 18TB of capacity, is designed specifically for servers and has a sale price of only €289, a real bargain if we take into account the capacity of the drive and also its quality. A very good offer that you can take advantage of if you need a large capacity disk.

The exact model of the hard drive is MG08ACA16TE. Therefore, it belongs to the MG Series family, which is aimed at use in high-performance servers and NAS, since it can work 24/7 without any problem for many years. This model has RV sensors to eliminate vibrations and increase its durability and speed.

This hard drive has a SATA3 interface at a speed of up to 6Gbps, 7200RPM and a 512MB buffer, perfect for providing a sustained read and write speed of more than 200MB/s. This model is of the CMR type, so it is perfectly valid for use in a RAID with the typical EXT4 file system, or the RAIDZ that we have in the ZFS file system. Thanks to these features, this model not only has great capacity, but we will also have great speed.

If you have a NAS and want to replace your current hard drives with ones with greater capacity, this model is perfect for it. In case you want to add more hard drives, it is also a great option since they are professional range. An important aspect is that the noise of this hard drive is higher than others from brands such as WD or Seagate. If you have the NAS in the living room, we do not recommend buying these drives because they are noisy, better buy the WD Red Plus or similar ones. If you don’t mind that they make more noise than normal when operating, then you can buy them without fear.

Remember that something very important that you should look at in a hard drive is its health, analyzing HDDs with different programs to know if everything is okay.

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