It’s a fraud! You should always delete this type of SMS

Anyone can receive a fraudulent mobile message. However, it is more likely to happen if you have exposed your number too much or have previously made a mistake. Even so, it is essential to know how to act whenever an SMS of this type arrives on your phone and prevent them from stealing information.

What SMS to delete

Whenever you receive such an SMS, the sooner you delete it, the better. You are going to reduce the probability that, by mistake, you click on a link or carry out any action that cybercriminals may request. It is best to remove the problem as soon as possible and do not let hackers achieve their goal.

They ask you to log in

A clear example of SMS that you should delete is when they ask you to log in. They can impersonate the identity of a social network, such as Facebook or Instagram, as well as any online shopping platform, email, Netflix, etc. They will ask you to log in through a link they send you.

The strategy can be some offer, some change that you must make in the account, a possible intrusion, etc. Anything to get you to fall for it, click on that link and log in. But of course, when you put the password they are going to steal it. It is best that you immediately delete these messages.

They want you to give some information

Another similar case is when they go to ask you for some information. They may ask you for some personal information, tell you to fill out a form, to send something they need. They are also going to impersonate a bank, social network or any other platform on the Internet. They only seek to collect personal information.

Once again, this is a scam. These data could be used to launch a Phishing campaign or any strategy to scam you. It is important that you do not interact with these SMS and delete them as soon as possible. That will help you avoid problems.

carry rare links

It may happen that they send you an SMS with a fraudulent link. You can spot it if it’s wearing a weird url, which you do not recognize as a bank domain, social network, etc. They may even send a shortened link, something that can be a major danger by hiding the real address.

If this happens, if you receive such a message, it is best to delete it immediately. That will help you avoid problems and you can stay safe. The goal is to reduce the risk of cyber attacks, since simply clicking on a fake link can expose your personal information and passwords.

Check the security of a link

They talk to you about a problem

It is a classic. They may contact you by SMS to tell you that there is a alleged problem with any account or service you use. They even seek to scare you, as they can tell you that someone has entered without your permission, that the password has been leaked and that you need to do something immediately.

What they are looking for is, simply, that you think that there is really something wrong and that you must solve it. You will end up clicking a link or submitting some data that is sent to you. But it really is a scam.

In short, if you receive this type of SMS on your mobile, it is important that you delete it as soon as possible. The goal is to ensure that security is always present and that your passwords are not stolen. You will avoid problems that may affect you in your day to day and that may even affect third parties. You can always tell if an SMS is fraudulent.

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