Among Us promises to improve a lot with the shapeshifter

If I had to pick my favorite game from last year, Among Us would certainly be on the favorites list. I am not saying that it is the best, but it is one of the ones I remember the most fond of, the ones that made it happen to me the best. The pity is that, after a memorable boom in September last year, when its developers chose to cancel the already started development of its second part, to improve the first and thus thank its users for the success, the bubble began to deflate.

To this day, the numbers of Among Us have nothing to do with those of a year ago. For example, I just looked for the game category on Twitch and it occupies the thirty-fourth position in the ranking, with just over 16,000 viewers, a far cry from the hundreds of thousands that we were able to see last year around this time. Without a doubt, the experience for its developers, the more than a small Innersloth studio, must be particularly bittersweet.

However, their numbers have dropped considerably does not mean that it is now an abandoned game, far from it. I know people who keep playing it (few, yes), and I myself have tried to encourage a group of friends to spend some time looking for the impostor. In the end I have not achieved it on any occasion, but I do not despair or abandon, I trust that the time will come to be able to enjoy Among Us again for a while.

And one more reason for this has to do with its developers. Others, instead, would have taken advantage of the game boom to accelerate in the second half or seek other avenues of monetization.However, they turned to improve Among Us and now, a year later and when the boom has passed, they continue to add improvements to their game. His level of involvement with Among Us reminds me of that shown all these years by Eric Barone at Stardew Valley. And for me those are big words.

The latest sample of this is found in Slash Gear, where we can read that soon a new mechanic will arrive that can substantially change the gaming experience, and it is none other than the «shapeshifter» function that impostors may have. Thus, these players, although in a limited way, may temporarily adopt the appearance of another player, a moment that they can take advantage of to commit a murder, and that it is the person whose character they have imposed who is accused, if there are witnesses.

It remains to be seen if the creators of Among Us will offer the crew any additional mechanics to the ones they already have., that is of help to face this new risk. And what I hope, of course, is that the players who enjoyed it at the time but have now left it parked, discover this novelty and decide to play it again. And not only because it seems like a very interesting function, but also because I think that the dedication that its developers are showing deserves to be rewarded, at least, with a few hours of gameplay.

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