Android will tell you the reasons why you should update it

As iOS user who finds Android awesome (I think that with different approaches, both Apple and Google have developed very polished and advanced operating systems), one thing I try to look for is the differences, both for better and worse, between the two platforms. This helps me, for example, when recommending a certain device to someone close to me when they ask me for advice in that regard. Because, of course, there is no phone (and therefore no operating system) that is the best option for everyone.

So, one major difference between android and ios has to do with updates, an aspect in which Apple is clearly ahead, although it is true that this is not attributable to Google, but to the ecosystem of manufacturers that use its operating system. This is explained very simply: when Apple releases an iOS update, it is immediately available to all users of iPhone models that are still within the update cycle: with Android, however, once Google releases an update, it must go through the adaptation and customization process of the different manufacturers, which delays its arrival to the users, in addition to making it happen in stages.

So, this translates to it is more likely to find smartphones with Android without updating (despite the fact that there is an update available for them) than iPhones in those same conditions. And this is a problem, since these users may be missing interesting news, not to mention potential improvements in the security of the device. This is something that, of course, does not interest Google, as the main person in charge of Android, nor these manufacturers.

Android will tell you the reasons why you should update it

To try to correct it, as we can read in Android Police, Google is testing, with manufacturers, a new feature called Android Update Invitation. With it, the operating system itself will inform the user that there is an update available for his device and, in addition, it will show him information about the improvements and new features that he will find in it if he decides to install it on his smartphone.

The role of manufacturers in this device is essentialOf course, since they are the ones who, after having adapted the new version of Android to its customization layer, will have to activate this message so that it is displayed through the OTA update channel. At that point, most advanced users are probably already aware of such an update, but for more casual users, who in many cases take the longest to install updates, this can make a significant difference.

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