Apple stops selling devices in Turkey

It seems that the main reason for this decision is not entirely clear, but everything points to the serious economic crisis the country is going through. Turkey is in a difficult time economically speaking and it is that the price of money fell sharply in the last few hours.

Several multinationals, including Apple, have stopped selling their products in the country. At the moment what we can read in media such as iPhoneHacks is that all Apple devices are frozen in terms of sale without a specific return date.

Apple’s online store in the country is still active

On the other hand, the company did not literally shut down the Turkish website, simply have closed the option to add products to the cart shopping. This, as we said above, does not have an expected end date, it may be for a short time or it may last longer, hopefully it will be for a short time.

To get an idea of ​​the problem we will say that right now a Turkish lira is equivalent to just under 0.069 euros. The value of Turkish money has been on the ground for more than a week when it began to fall and has not recovered, since the beginning of the year this value fell by 37% against the euro and it seems that this has no intention of improving at the moment. Apple and other multinationals do not want to complicate themselves in situations of this type and what they do is stop selling your products as a preventive measure.

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