Apple to open a new Apple Store in Los Angeles on November 19

At the beginning of October, Mark Gurman affirmed through his Twitter account that, while walking through Los Angeles, he came across a new construction that it had all the earmarks of being an Apple Store, an information that he confirmed immediately when speaking with several workers of the work.

A month later, Apple has confirmed Mark Gurman’s tweet announcing that on November 19, will open a new Apple Store in the city of Los Angeles, a new Apple Store built to replace the store that has been open near that location for almost 20 years.

As it is the remodeling of an existing store, he has christened this new Apple Store with the same name, The Grove. The Apple Store The Grove first opened in spring 2002 and since then, more than 27 million customers have purchased an Apple product.

At statement where Apple has announced the next opening of this new store, we can read:

The new store is twice the size of the original and will serve as a completely reimagined destination for the Los Angeles community to discover Apple products and services, shop, get support, and participate in free Today at Apple sessions.

The Old Apple Store The Grove will remain open until November 18, one day before the opening of the new facilities. The opening of this new Apple Store will take place at 10 in the morning, during the normal hours of the old store.

As it is not a new one in itself, but a change of location, it seems that at the moment Apple you are not planning any special events.

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