Apple’s next covers could change radically

If until now the iPhone covers protected the device, perhaps in the not too distant future, things will not be the same as now. And it is that it has been known that the apple company is investigating in how to give new functions to these protection accessories. Do you want to know what they are about? Or how could they change the way we interact with the iPhone? In this post we tell you.

A case that protects but also with which you can interact

The English-language outlet Appleinsider has reported that the company “is investigating how to create iPhone cases that communicate with the device.” The purpose of carrying out this is that the cover itself can carry out tasks such as the authentication to unlock iPhone, or display information parameters such as the battery level. And yes, all this, interacting with the phone case itself, which would be in constant communication with the device.

And how do you know all this? Thanks to a patent from the company itself that has recently been registered. Thus, we would be before the doors of a new concept of accessory. It would no longer be a case to prevent the phone from breaking. But a casing that would allow expanding what the phone does, as if it were an extension.

new patent cover apple
patent cover apple

In addition to the battery charge level, the patent indicates that “in this regard, the wireless circuitry described in this document may include features such as card emulation, read/write capabilities, and/or peer-to-peer information exchange.” , they explain from Appleinsider. The text continues as follows: “When the electronic device authentication request is provided to the accessory device, the accessory device may respond, using wireless circuitry, with a validation response to the electronic device.”

The portal also puts on the table the Apple Watch analogy to sort of illustrate that “extend” functionality regarding the operation of this future cover. “If you’re wearing an Apple Watch and you’ve entered your passcode into it, then a connected iPhone or Mac can trust the Watch’s authentication and unlock it without you doing anything else.”

At the moment it is only a patent

It is important to note that, although it is possible that we will see this type of accessory in operation, it is currently a registered patent and, therefore, the practical uses that may end up being carried out may change, both to add functions, as to change the focus of how these are going to be carried out. In addition, designs beyond circuits and sketches are not shown, so everything indicates that it is something in a still preliminary phase.

As additional information, one of the inventors registered in the patent, Steven T. Schooley, is one of the parents of another registration that allows the MagSafe connection can also be used to transmit data and authenticate people. So, for the moment, everything remains to be seen regarding how things will evolve.

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