Apple’s virtual reality glasses are not expected until 2023

AR glasses

Again we attack with new rumors about Apple’s augmented reality glasses. The American company is supposed to be making what may be one of the best AR devices on the market. I say supposed, because at the moment we only have rumors and none of them that are particularly relevant have reached us. However, they continue to arrive, especially those that refer to the launch date of the device. We have read everything and we have echoed almost everyone. The last one to arrive tells us that It won’t be until next year 2023 when the company finally launches them on the market.

Many rumors arrive about augmented reality glasses. But this one that we bring you today, is picked up by one of the most serious media in the United States. We are talking about the New York Times. This medium alleges that Apple has not yet been able to launch the augmented reality glasses and that we will not be able to see a preview or presentation at the WWDC tomorrow, the 6th, either. due to a thermal issue related to computing power with the processor.

Apple hired an engineer from Dolby Technologies, Mike Rockwell, and tasked him with leading the effort. His early efforts to create an augmented reality product were hampered by weak computing power. Ongoing challenges with its battery power have forced Apple to postpone its release until next year.

So far we know that the company seems to have the device almost ready and that internal tests have been carried out and that they are satisfactory. Not enough to launch them on the market but they are close to it. That is why the most reliable media and the most prominent analysts such as Gurman from Bloomberg, affirm that the date of its launch is 2023. It is not known when exactly, but I bet that if it is in that year, it will be at the end.

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