Are they a good option or not?

Low-cost laptops have become an increasingly interesting alternative, thanks to the performance improvement experienced by the low-power, low-power processors that make up this type of equipment. In this sense, Intel’s new Jasper Lake processors and AMD’s Athlon series are two clear examples of this.

Under the Jasper Lake series are grouped processors such as Intel Pentium and Intel Celeron, are made in the chip giant’s 10nm process, and come configured with up to four cores. AMD’s Athlon, and other low-cost versions like the AMD 3020E APU, use the Zen and Zen + architectures, and come in two-core and two-thread, and four-core and four-thread configurations, depending on the model.

This type of processors are capable of offering good performance with Windows 10 and with most of the basic tasks that we perform on a daily basis, including office automation, web browsing and multimedia content playback. They are usually accompanied by 4 GB of RAM and between 64 GB and 128 GB of storage capacity in the cheapest low-cost laptops.

A computer with this configuration can have a approximate price of 250 euros. The quality of materials of the low-cost notebooks, and the quality of the screen, is quite modest and totally in line with the price. They are usually made of plastic, and mount TN panels with 768p resolution, which means that they are below the FullHD level, and that the viewing angles they offer are not good at all.

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However, if we compare the benefits they offer with their sale price, the conclusion we can reach is very simple: low-cost laptops can be a good option for meet simple usage needs, focused on basic office automation, multitasking, web browsing and multimedia content, also making a minimal investment.

In case you are considering renovating several obsolete equipment in SMEs, but have a very limited budget, low-cost laptops They can be a good option if they are going to be used for those uses that we have mentioned.

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