as a child, from Spider-Man and more

17 – Edge of Winter (2016)

Two brothers are left in the care of a father they don’t know and together they start a journey in the middle of a brutal snow storm. The boys, disoriented, will come to believe that far from protecting them, their father has become the biggest threat for their lives. A film that did not achieve much travel in theaters and that has remained (for now) as an anecdote in the Londoner’s biography.

IMDb Score: 5.3

16 – Chaos Walking (2021)

Doug Liman directs two young stars, Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley, who travel to a planet where there is no trace of women and everyone who lives there is able to hear everyone’s thoughts. Science fiction with many doses of suspense for a film that everyone hoped would consecrate the mythical King of Episode VII of starwars. The truth is Chaos Walking fell far short of expectations.

IMDb Score: 5.7

15 – The Relic Keeper (2017)

Tom Holland signs up for a historical film, at least in setting, and that tells us the story of a group of monks who must escort a relic through a territory full of dangers and wild tribes that threaten everyone who crosses their paths. The action takes us to the Ireland of the thirteenth century.

IMDb Score: 5.8

14 – Uncharted (2022)

Definitely, one of the most eventful projects that Tom Holland has experienced because the movie he ended up starring in had gone through years of uncertainty, reboots, and cancellations. Finally, the Londoner got into the skin of Nathan Drake, one of the best-known video game heroes in the world. Discreet without more.

IMDb Score: 6.4

13 – My Life Now (2014)

Tom Holland is not the absolute protagonist but he joins a more intimate story that places us in a rural English area where an American girl ends up traveling. Over there, you will find love and a purpose for your boring life that will make you know the character that our favorite Peter Parker plays. A movie romantic

IMDb Score: 6.4

12 – The War of the Currents (2017)

The history of the battles between two geniuses like Nikola Tesla and Thomas Alva Edison to take control of the electricity distribution standard at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th is the excuse to experience it first-hand the tricks that each other used to ruin the enemy… while Tom Holland attended as one more interested in his role as tycoon Samuel Insull.

IMDb Score: 6.5

11 – Z, The Lost City (2016)

This movie is based on the true story of British explorer Percy Fawcett, which disappeared in the 1920s while trying to locate and explore one of the most mythical cities of the Orian histpelí, located in the Amazon. Tom Holland plays the adventurer who will show us his obsession with finding that hidden myth that legends spoke of.

IMDb Score: 6.6

10 – Cherry (2021)

Cherry is your nameA project that was announced with great fanfare as an Apple TV+ Original Movie directed, neither more nor less, than by the brothers Anthony and Joe Russo, responsible for the last two installments of avengers (infinity war Y end game), so things looked great. Unfortunately, it was buried by the low popularity of the streaming platform, which made us miss out on the most dramatic role that Tom Holland has ever played: “a military doctor suffering from post-traumatic stress gets hooked on drugs until he acquires so much debt that he has to rob banks to pay it.”

IMDb Score: 6.6

9 – In the Heart of the Sea (2015)

Tom Holland plays Thomas Nickerson in this film that tells us the story of an event that ended up inspiring the novel by Moby-Dick, written by Herman Melville. The action takes us to the 1920s and to the decks of an English whaler.

IMDb Score: 6.9

8 – The Devil at all hours (2020)

This Netflix original production shows us the most dramatic Tom Holland, in a story that takes us to the period between World War II and the Vietnam War, where a series of conflicting characters begin to form part of the inner circle of the young Arvin Russelwho will have to face all the threats that arise in his life and that of his family.

IMDb Score: 7.1

7 – Spider-Man Homecoming (2017)

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe running since 2008, many comic book fans asked Disney when the return of spider man, now with the Iron Man, Captain America, etc. And the answer was this film that marks the entrance of Peter Parker in a Phase 3 of which was one of his main attractions, and that has transformed him into the heir to Tony Stark. Glorious that Vulture by Michael Keaton.

IMDb Score: 7.4

6 – Spider-Man Far From Home (2019)

Two years later Sony and Disney joined forces again in a film that introduces us to Mysterio, one of the most characteristic villains of Peter Parker and that entangles the plot to mix it with the events seen in avengers endgame. It was the first film after that colossal production that left us with the surprise that one (or two) of the original Avengers, gave up the baton of the leadership of the superheroes. And Peter, awkward as he was, was willing to take on this new role.

IMDb Score: 7.4

5 – The Impossible (2012)

As we mentioned at the beginning, Tom Holland shines in this movie starring Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts which tells us what happened to a Spanish family who spent their Christmas holidays in 2004 in Thailand, in the days of the deadly earthquake and subsequent tsunami that devastated much of the coast of the Indian Ocean. It was the springboard for the Londoner to dedicate himself professionally to cinema.

IMDb Score: 7.5

4 – Captain America Civil War (2016)

Prior to Spider-Man Homecoming, Marvel drove fans crazy by introducing Spider-Man in the film that tells us about the conflict that exists between the two sides of Avengers led by Iron Man and Captain America. Peter Parker will be recruited by Tony Stark and we will be able to see him in a glorious scene at the Leipzig airport of those that make time. A great movie without any doubt.

IMDb Score: 7.8

3 – Spider-Man No Way Home (2021)

At the end of 2021 Sony and Marvel collaborated again and the result was the entrance of Spider-Man in phase 4 of the MCU and also from the multiverse, which allowed the writers to recruit all the Spider-Man seen in the cinema over the last 20 years. Neither more nor less than those played by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield. The result is a movie that has enchanted everyone and proof of this is the collection obtained worldwide: 1,901 million dollars… and rising?

IMDb Score: 8.3

2 – Avengers Infinity War (2018)

The two films that were originally going to be one, tell us the Infinity Wars are curiously tied in the IMDb ranking, which gives an idea that one cannot be understood without the other. In this first one we will verify the immense power of Thanos and the damage that he will cause throughout the Galaxy with his already iconic snap of the gauntlet. Spider-Man, along with Iron Man and Doctor Stranger, will team up to fight evil in the confines of the universe. The result, surely, you already know, right?

IMDb Score: 8.4

1 – Avengers Endgame (2019)

Final colophon of Phase 3 and, practically, of all the Marvel Studios movies since 2008 that returns us to Thanos as the main enemy and a universe in which our protagonists will have to travel through time to retrieve the infinity gems and bring back to life the billions of creatures sacrificed by the villain. Needless to say, what will happen during its more than two hours of duration is already part of the history of cinema.

IMDb Score: 8.4

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