Avoid blocks and improve privacy with this simple proxy

Surfing the Internet and maintaining privacy is one of the most important points for many users. We can make use of different tools, such as a VPN and thus encrypt the connection. However, in this article we are going to talk about kproxy. It is a simple proxy that allows you to avoid blockages when browsing the Internet and keep your personal data protected when you open a website.

Kproxy, a way to improve privacy

We can say that a proxy is a server that acts as intermediary between your team and the landing page. Instead of sending an access request, for example when entering, directly to the web server, it first passes through the proxy and then redirects it. This is what allows you to hide the IP address and also be able to bypass possible geographical blocks.

There are many options available on the Internet, both free and paid. One of them is Kproxy, which works pretty well. It is a web page where you will find an address bar as soon as you enter. There you will have to put the URL you want to access through the proxy and hit Surf!.

Kproxy to improve privacy

On the right you will also see a button to change server. If you click there, a list with different options will appear. In case it works slowly and goes wrong, you can change to another server and see if the navigation goes better this way. Sometimes one can go wrong or be saturated and it is better to change to another.

We have tested Kproxy and it works quite well. Logically it loses speed, as it always happens when you use a VPN or proxy, but it offers good results. You will be able to enter a website that may be blocked or for which you do not want to show what your real IP address is.

Browser extension

We have seen how Kproxy works through its website to be able to enter websites. But beyond that option, you will also find the possibility of install an extension. This plugin is available for browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Edge, which are the main ones today.

You just have to go to the section of Extensions, which appears below, and there you can select which browser you want to use it for. You will have to click on the corresponding button and it will take you to the official store to be able to download the complement and install it. It is important that you always do this from official sources and avoid installing them from unreliable sites.

This Kproxy extension will allow you to always browse through the proxy. You will be able to browse anonymously, hide the IP and thus bypass possible geographical blocks that may exist. Of course, once again we must bear in mind that the speed of the Internet will be limited. It is something that you can take into account on specific occasions, but it is not suitable for general navigation, since you could have problems uploading content to the cloud or watching streaming videos in maximum quality.

In short, as you have seen, Kproxy is an interesting option for surfing the net anonymously. There are differences between a proxy and VPN, so you must choose very well what suits you best in each case.

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