Avoid viruses in PDFs with these Acrobat Reader DC features

In fact, along these lines we want to focus on one of the most widely used office formats in the world, we refer to the Adobe PDF. Over the years this type of files has been extended to a multitude of fields and modes of use. So right now we use a PDF to save documentation, sign legal documents, manage invoices and estimates, etc.

Considering that these are items that we generally find, share and download from the internet or send by mail, security here is key. One of the most common programs when reading this specific content is Acrobat Reader DC. This is an Adobe application that many of you probably already know as it is used very often as pdf reader default. But to be able to use this tool with total security, it offers us a series of functions related to this section that we should take a look at.

These will help us to be able to work with these files that we are commenting on without the risk that some type of malware infects our computer. First of all, we must know that this is an application that we can download for free from here.

Enable protected mode

As we say, this is an application that has several functions related to security to avoid disappointment in this regard. The first thing we are going to do is start the program and go to the Edit / Preferences menu of its main interface. In the left panel we will find various categories that will help us configure Acrobat Reader DC to the maximum.

The first thing we are going to do in this sense is to activate the protected mode so that nothing else starts working start the program. For this we access in the category of Advanced Security. At the top of the window we find a box that allows us to enable this protected mode that we are talking about.

Configure protected view of PDFs

In the event that we have activated the protected mode function that we talked about earlier, now we can customize it in the protected view. This is activated on certain occasions when we load a file in PDF format in the program. In this way we prevent infected files run here.

protected view

Say that the Adobe application allows us to activate this safety function for each and every one of the PDFs that we open, or just for the potentially dangerous ones.

Use external security settings in Acrobat Reader

For those who want to take the use of this program safely to the highest level, he proposes us to use already predefined configurations. With this, what we want to tell you is that we have the possibility of importing a file from secure configuration and load it into Acrobat Reader.

import configuration

For this that we tell you, as before, we must go to the application preferences window. In this case we are in the security section where we will already have the possibility of import the file that we comment on. In the same way, from here we can load the security configuration from a remote server and customize the use of secure certificates.

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