Back to school offer at Cdkeysales: Windows 10/11 from €11

Back to school is getting closer, if you have taken advantage of the summer sales to buy a new desktop computer or a laptop, it is possible that you have done it without the Windows operating system installed by default, to save you around €100 approximately on the license. If you want to buy cheap Windows 10 and Windows 11 licenses, as well as the different versions of Office, at You can do it very easily, quickly and with interesting promotions. Do you want to know all the licenses we have available today?

For years, major computer manufacturers have allowed us to buy computers without the Microsoft Windows operating system pre-installed, instead we have FreeDOS which is completely free. In this way, we will save a lot of money, so buying a legal license for the operating system becomes mandatory. If you are interested in activating your operating system, you can do so with the following cheap OEM licenses.

Back to school offers in licenses

If you want to buy cheap licenses for the Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating system, both in its Home version and in its Pro version, you can do it for very little money. The most important thing is that you apply the discount coupon «RD35» to have a 35% discount compared to the price set on the web.

If you want to buy Office licenses, from version 2016 to 2021, also including the Office 365 version, you can do so at a really competitive price. Remember to apply the discount coupon «RD35» so that you have a 35% discount compared to the price set on the web.

If you are interested in a Windows 10 Pro and Office license pack, you can also benefit from an extra discount. You can use the RD35 coupon to have that 35% compared to the price set on the web.

Finally, you can also buy SQL Server and Visual Studio software at a really competitive price, compared to the price on the Microsoft website. In this case, you will also be able to use the RD35 coupon as we have mentioned above.

As you have seen, at Cdkeysales we have significant discounts on all Windows and Office licenses, perfect for saving a lot of money.

License purchase and activation process

To buy a Windows license, it is completely necessary that you register on the official Cdkeysales website, of course, with a valid email since you will have to activate the account before you can enter and log in. Once you have validated your account, you must click on any of the previous links, and on the “BUY” button to add the product to the shopping cart.

In the “menu”Order confirmation»is where you must put the discount coupon, and then click on the «Request» button, so that the discount is applied to you. It is very important that you use the discount coupon «RD35» to get that extra discount. Next, you will have to pay for the order through the PayPal payment gateway, either with credit or with a card.

When you have purchased the license, if you go to your web profile, in the “My shopping» you can see the order you just bought. In the column of “Keys / Codes» you will be able to see the Windows license that you just bought, now you will have to use it to activate the system correctly.

The operating system activation process is very simple, you must go to «Home / Settings / Update and security«, click on the «Activation» section on the left, and then on the system activation hyperlink, to run the wizard and proceed to enter the license code.

The activation process is always done through the Internet, and it will last a couple of minutes approximately, it is not necessary to activate by calling. In the event that you have any problem when buying the license on the web, or when activating the operating system, you can contact the 24/7 email supportso that they solve it as soon as possible.

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