BeDisruptive becomes part of the ENISA inventory

The cybersecurity expert technology boutique, BeDisruptive, has become part of ENISA’s inventory. Since June 1, the company’s SOCs located in Madrid and Rome are members of the select list drawn up by the European Union Agency for Cybersecurity. In this way, BeDisruptive strengthens its position in the European cybersecurity market, confirming its leading position in the sector.

This adhesion represents a further step in the company’s strategy to join forums and associations where the main players in the sector meet, after having formalized its entry into the group of international security teams FIRST, in TF-CSIRT, in the National Network of SOC of the National Cryptological Center and in the Forum.

556 members, 88 in Spain

The ENISA inventory is used as a public directory to give visibility to the computer emergency response teams of each country. Currently, ENISA has a total of 556 CSIRT teams. Spain is the country with the greatest presence on this list, as it has 88 teams, followed by the Czech Republic with 68, France with 57, Germany with 53 and Portugal with 38.

“Being part of the ENISA inventory places us alongside other incident response teams at a national and international level and allows us to gain visibility in order to collaborate with both public and private entities at a European level. In fact, ENISA itself will use this inventory to check the availability of the incident response groups included in cases of important security events”, says Roberto Lara, SOC Director of BeDisruptive.

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