Beers&Games wins the first prize of the Beer Jam of Cervezas San Miguel

As we already announced, Cervezas San Miguel held from July 1 to 3 the second edition of the Beer Jam by San Miguel, that brought together more than 40 developers from all over the country so that they could create their own video game. The event was held within the framework of the festival Dreamhack Valenciathe meeting point for the gamer community in our country.

From the theme “Finally together with a San Miguel”the teams turned their ideas into reality and presented a demo of their projects to a jury of professionals specialized in video game development.

The first prize went to the Beers & Games team with their video game “Delivery on Time”who received 12,000 euros, 5,000 as a prize, to which is added the allocation of another 7,000 euros more destined entirely to the development of his video game.

The winning game consists of control a beer delivery man throughout a working day. The objective of the game is to ensure that, before time runs out, the delivery man buys boxes of beer from the San Miguel truck and delivers them to the different terraces in the area. Once finished, the empty boxes must be taken to a recycling point. All this against the clock, since if a box spends a long time in distribution it will heat up and it will no longer be possible to sell it, so the player will not achieve his goal.

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Among the other two finalist teams were Rice with things, with their video game “Los Sanmis”, and Nuevos Brujos, with their video game “Back to Browse”, who received 2,000 and 1,000 euros as prizes, respectively. In addition, you will be able to see the demos of the participating teams that will be available soon on the Cervezas San Miguel website.

With this action, the brand sought to support and give visibility to the sector of video game developers in Spain, valuing their work and helping them overcome the obstacles they face in carrying out their profession in our country.

The developer sector in Spain

With the Beer Jam by San Miguel, the brand wants to do its bit to give visibility to video game developers, offering them resources so that they can carry out their projects and demonstrate the validity of Spanish talent.

And it is that, according to the Spanish Association of Video Game and Entertainment Software Producers and Developers (DEV), “Although Spain is the fifth European video game market and the tenth in the world, the Spanish video game development and production industry is still far from occupying its rightful place in the international ranking” and it is that, of the 20 best-selling games in Spain, not one of them has been produced in our country. For this reason, DEV encourages “promote the growth and consolidation of companies in the sector and the start-up of new projects; as well as the activation of mechanisms to facilitate labor insertion and incentives for those professionals who carry out their activity as self-employed, since a video game production cycle can easily exceed two years.

For all these reasons, Cervezas San Miguel is positioned in this sector as a benchmark beer brand that, moved by her restless spirit and her commitment to the development of the gamer ecosystemseeks to support and accompany developers, giving them visibility and connecting them with opportunities so that they can take their potential to the top.

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