Benefits Of Playing Video Games For Kids And Adults

For many of us, playing video games is like relaxing, finding a space to socialize among people with the same interest. According to a report, almost 90% of people play video games of at least one kind. 

With mobile phones becoming more like mini-computers, people are getting easy access to highly engaging games, especially for young children but notably adults too.

Playing video games has always been connected to depression, isolation, and aggression, especially in children and younger adults. This is perhaps because of their underdeveloped brain, which thinks everything happening in the games can also happen in the real world.

However, just like any activity has two sides, games also have some benefits to offer. If you can stick with the limited time spent playing video games, it can help you with the following.

Benefits Of Video Games For Child & Adults

Games have always held a bad reputation. It is considered a bad habit that needs to be stopped. But, surprisingly, it has been seen that games have a lot more to offer than excitement and are a perfect way to spend your weekend.

If games can be restricted based on who is playing and can be kept in moderation, kids and adults can develop educationally, socially, and physically.

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1. Teach Problem Solving Skills

Video games are all not about enjoying and spending time. At heart, every game is all about solving problems. Playing video games allows your kids to learn problem-solving skills. 

There has been some research where experts have claimed that kids who play video games excel in the following area compared to kids who don’t play any games.

  • Planning.
  • Organizing.
  • Flexible thinking.

2. Boost Your Socializing Skills

Some kids and adults find it hard to make friends and fit in the real world. Video games can be the refuge they need. They can find people with the same personality trait and interests and socialize with them while enjoying their favorite games.

What’s more, video games give something to teach kids to talk about in school. An interest in gaming can help children find friends with the same interest in the real world as well.

3. Teach Leadership Qualities

People who play online video games with their friends take turns leading the team, depending on who has that specific skill in that game. Explaining and demonstrating the games is good for building leadership qualities.

In addition, online multiplayer games offer individual chances to participate, make crucial decisions, and sometimes lead the team. And nobody cares how old you are if you can prove your importance with your skills.

4. Improves Cognitive Ability

It is no surprise that playing video games significantly boosts your cognitive ability. Highly skilled players can easily think in any situation and perceive every 3D object effectively.

For instance, action games like Call Of Duty and Player Unknown Battleground, which get all the negative attention in the mainstream media, might be useful for coordination and spatial navigation.

5. Help Overcome Dyslexia

Some research has pointed out attention difficulties for people suffering from dyslexia. Experts believe that people with dyslexia can improve their reading comprehension by following sessions of heavy gameplay. 

When you play games, the environment constantly changes. As a result, the players need to be on their toes to be high-focussed for every change. This habit can help treat people suffering from dyslexia.

Final Thoughts

Like any activity, too much can always be harmful. But, if you are limiting it to the right amount, it can have a positive impact on your life.

In the case of gaming, too much gaming is always dangerous to health in many ways. However, if you are limiting it to the right amount, it can have a positive impact on your mental health, boost your social skills, and feed your creativity.

As exciting as a game can be, don’t forget to leave the virtual world and spend quality time in real life and the real world.

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