best controls for PC and console for less than 30 euros

It doesn’t matter if we play on PC or console: most of the games (if not all) nowadays are designed for play them with controller. Although we can always use the classic keyboards and mice (at least on PC), if we really want to enjoy the games, and control them much better, we need a good controller. And what better opportunity to get hold of one than on the first day of black friday.

Next, we leave you several recommendations for controls for less than 30 euros that we will be able to use both in pc like on consoles Playstation, Xbox Y nintendoswitchwhich will be on sale from today until next week, when Black Friday officially arrives.

KROM Gamepad KEY

The first economic command that we are going to see is this KROM KEY. This is the cheapest controller we can find, although that doesn’t mean it’s a bad controller. It has the classic button distribution of Xbox controllers, it is compatible with X-Input and Direct-input on PC, and we can also connect it to both PlayStation and Android. Xanax online Of course, it is a model with cable. Your price, offer, 15.90 euros.

krom khensu

Very similar to the previous one, with the difference that this krom khensu it is a wireless model. Its design is inspired by the Xbox 360 controller. We can use this controller with a cable, although its main advantage is the possibility of playing with it wirelessly. We can play up to 10 meters away without connection problems, and its lithium battery allows us to recharge it without having to spend on batteries. With the Black Friday sale, this controller stays in €19.90.

PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller

The PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller It is a much more modern and advanced controller than the previous two. It is a controller designed for the new Xbox consoles, with cable, although we can also use it on Windows and Xbox One consoles. Among its features we can highlight the presence of two customizable game buttons, immersive vibration motors, capture button and the ability to mute chats very easily. An excellent remote control, with cable, that we can get for 29.04 euros.

Trust Gaming GXT 1230

Trust bets on the PC market, and Nintendo Switch, with this wireless Bluetooth controller. The Trust Gaming GXT 1230 It has a total of 15 buttons, 2 analog joysticks, an interchangeable crosshead, battery, and vibration to be able to have everything we can look for in a controller. Being a Bluetooth controller, we can even connect it to other devices where we want to play, such as a mobile, a Chromecast, or any other console. An excellent controller that we can get, on Black Friday, for 29.99 euro.

Razer Wolverine V2

Finally, for the most demanding players, we have the Razer Wolverine V2. This is one of the most complete and professional controls that we can find, and also one of the most expensive. This is a wired controller for Xbox and PC, with two customizable buttons, action buttons, trigger lock, and a directional pad. It has a design similar to that of the Xbox controller, it allows us to connect headphones and with the Razer Controller Setup software we can configure the entire controller in detail.

This command, yes, is more expensive than 30 euros. Specifically, more than double, since right now it is for 62.99 euros. But, like this, the most demanding users have another option to choose from.

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