Beware of Phishing that comes from any web

Usually from time to time we warn that Phishing does not stop and in this case we want to share with you the new wave of fake emails in which they try to deceive us through identity theft.

Personally we are receiving a lot of emails from banks, iTunes cards, games, Apple ID and even the supposed Amazon store. And we say supposed Amazon store why simply seeing the sender that comes in the email we realize that they are trying to deceive us.

In this case the email I received indicates that I have to verify my Amazon account for a security problem. In no case will Amazon ask us directly to carry out this action, so when we receive an email of this type, the best we can do is read the email well and first of all check the sender of it. The key is there, since the sender will be an email from outside the company, bank, etc. but if we are not clear about it, we can also directly access the web page by opening a new tab in the browser, never clicking on the Mail link.

It must be made clear once again that banks, online stores, Amazon or Apple itself Under no circumstances will it ask us for the password or keys so be careful with these types of emails. It seems that we are facing another wave of phishing in the network so be careful and warn those who may believe these emails. Has the mail reached you too?

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