These are the configurations available for the Apple Watch Series 7

When we are all awaiting the start of reservations for the new Apple Watch Series 7, several stores already show the official configurations in terms of colors and straps available. The main novelty of this Apple watch is the largest and most resistant screen ever created by Apple. Obviously, other important new features are also added and one of them is that in this model the black or space gray color disappears from the catalog, yes, this color is replaced by the so-called “Midnight” that we see on the left of the upper image.

On official reseller websites like Ktuin we already have some of the color combinations of origin that these Apple Watch Series 7 will wear. It is evident that the user will be able to modify the combinations of straps and colors to their liking, but initially these will come like this, as shown on the web.

Each user is a world and to be able to choose between the different Apple Watch case color combinations, whether to choose between aluminum or steel, the choice of the Apple Watch Nike Edition or Herm├Ęs They offer endless combinations that will undoubtedly delight those who are thinking of buying this new watch model.

The key now is to see the number of watches that Apple launches at the beginning of the reservations and it is that everything indicates that the stock will not be too high in the first hours and weeks after starting sales. We will see the advance of these Apple Watch Series 7 and above all the number of available models they offer along with delivery times.

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