Beware of these online services that can slow down your Internet

What can affect internet speed

There are certain programs and services that we use in our day to day and that require a better Internet connection. Not everything will need the same resources and this could also be a problem when we try to carry out a specific action with our connection and at the same time there are other tools using it.

Cloud services

Without a doubt the cloud usage it has increased a lot in recent years. We have more and more services available to store content, share it with third parties, create backup copies … The range of possibilities is very wide.

However, it must be taken into account that these types of applications could also be slowing down the Internet connection. For example, it could affect us if we have automatic backups configured. I’d be uploading heavy content to the cloud and that would logically affect speed.

File download

It must also be taken into account that any downloading files from the internet it may affect the connection. We can name the examples of using P2P applications or downloading torrents. If we are using these media from other computers, it could significantly affect the quality of the entire network. This means that, if we need the connection to work as well as possible, we avoid downloading large files or using these types of services.

Play Streaming Videos in High Quality

Of course we must also mention the reproduction of streaming videos. This is something very common today, since we have a large number of platforms available. For example we talk about Netflix or YouTube.

If we are using any of these services to watch a series, movie or any video, this will affect the performance of the network. If our bandwidth is limited we could have problems to be able to navigate correctly or to use other programs.

A videocall

Something similar could happen with a video call. It is also a type of service that is increasingly important in our day to day. Many users communicate in this way with friends or family.

Keep in mind that we are transmitting and receiving video. Depending on its quality, this could also affect internet speed. Hence, it is essential to always avoid speed problems with this type of tool.

An update in progress

Another issue to consider are the updates automatic. Let’s say Windows is being updated at any given time. That will cause a significant consumption of resources. It could affect your internet speed and slow down your connection if your bandwidth is not good.

Therefore, these are some services that could slow down your Internet connection. It is important that we take it into account if we need the connectivity to be optimal and not have any type of problem.

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