Big scams when using VPN; do not fall into the error

A VPN It allows you to connect to a remote server and you can change the location with which you go out to the Internet. For example, if you are traveling in another country and want to watch streaming content that is not available there, such an application is your solution. It also serves to encrypt the connection and use public Wi-Fi networks safely.

Typical VPN scams

The problem comes when you run into a VPN that is a danger. They can steal your data, sneak in a virus and, ultimately, compromise your privacy. To prevent this from happening, it is always good take certain precautions and don’t get fake programs that could be a real scam.

fake apps

A clear example is when you come across apps that are fake. They are basically programs that are advertised as a VPN, both for desktop and mobile, but it is actually a scam. This is insecure software, created only to steal data and compromise security.

Our advice is that you always install apps only from official sources. You can go to the website of that VPN program or go to app stores like Google Play. Ideally, they have previously passed a filter and thus avoid installing software that may be modified or directly be a fraud.

Promises to buy cheaper

Another scam that you will find a lot is to see promises that you will have lower prices if you use a VPN. For example, they ensure that you will be able to find very cheap flight prices. Although it is true that, on occasions, you can find certain specific offers or cheaper prices for the currency exchange, in general terms these are promises that are not kept.

Sometimes they are just lures so that you end up downloading that particular VPN, which is most likely going to be fake or not work properly. You may even have to pay to use it. Beware of this, as it’s rare that you’re actually going to get better prices.

Main problem when using VPN

full security

It is also a mistake to believe that you will have security total. A common scam is to sell you a VPN to protect your security while browsing. But beware, it is not an antivirus, nor is it going to prevent you from making certain mistakes that expose your security on the network. You will not have that total security that they promise.

Yes, you will have the encrypted connection, as long as you use a good VPN, which is positive when connecting to public networks, such as at an airport, shopping center or library. There you can have security problems and it is convenient to be protected so that your personal data is not stolen. Sometimes there can even be problems with the VPN connecting.

hidden subscription

One more scam is when you install a VPN that is theoretically free but then they ask you for one subscription. You will have to pay if you want to use it correctly and not be very limited. For example, you could have problems browsing at a good speed or being able to download more than a certain amount of data.

Check the conditions of any VPN you are going to install very well. It is important that it is guaranteed, that it does not have anything hidden. This will help you achieve optimal performance and reduce the risk of problems while browsing.

As you can see, these are some of the main scams that you may encounter when using a VPN. It is essential that you avoid making mistakes, as your personal data could be compromised. Always use guarantee programs. We can recommend some, like Surfshark or NordVPN.

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